It s loud again about Doom. I prepared a list of curiosities about the game, books and Doom-guy

About the great game, which is the first version of Doom (1993), lately it is loud again. This is related to the advertising campaign launched by Bethesda before the premiere of the newest edition of the series, namely Doom Eternal.

The first edition of Doom just landed on mobile devices , and refreshed its version on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. I am happy about the return of interest in this classic game, because I was a fan of it from the moment of playing in its shareware version, containing only one episode, in 1994.

Because I realize that over 25 years separating us from the premiere of this game is a long time, I would like to recall some curiosities related to the first Doom.

Initially, the game was compared to Wolfenstein 3D, but it was completely different

A similar perspective of the character meant that Doom was automatically compared to Wolfenstein's 3D of Apogee. The concept of the first person shooter did not exist yet, such games were called 3D games or ... doomopodobnymi games.

Still, between Wolfenstein and Doom was a real technological gulf. The most important differences are:

The game was banned in Germany

The first Doom was banned in Germany on the basis of regulations related to the protection of young people against harmful media. The index of the institution dealing with the introduction of these regulations was played on May 31, 1994. From that moment the game could not be sold or even advertised in Germany.

The rationale for introducing the game to the index was not its brutality - there were no "real" people killed, and demons or "former humans" (former humans). The reason was the current (and visible on the map of the game) swastika, which was a kind of homage to Wolfenstein.

In subsequent editions of the game, the symbol was removed - however, the game from the index was crossed only on August 4, 2011.

The inspiration for the title was a film with Tom Cruise

The color of the money , a movie about billiard players from 1986, was an inspiration for John Carmack, so large that one of the scenes inspired the title of the game. You can see this scene below.

The plot of the game arose mainly in the heads of players

The story with the first Doomie was residual, perhaps because it was so addictive, because you had to tell the rest yourself to the mysterious events. Players who ordered a boxed version had a handbook at their disposal, which revealed a few details of the action, but players playing in shareware only had short texts displayed on the screen between the episodes.

The hero's character has never been named. This was to better identify the player with the character in the game. It was commonly called Doom Marine ( Doom commando) or simply Doom-guy .

Omnipresent inscriptions in the database on Phobos pointed to a silent game antagonist - the organization or corporation UAC - Union Aerospace Corporation. If it reminds you of the all-powerful Weyland-Yutani corporation from a series of films about a stranger, it is for good reason. The creators of the game as the main inspiration were given by the Aliens movie - the second part of the Stranger story.

Based on the game, four novels have been beautiful in their absurdity

In the years 1995-1996, in the period of great popularity of the game, it was decided to extend its story in the form of a novel. Four volumes of the official licensed amendment were created. Their titles are Knee Deep In The Dead , Hell On Earth , Infernal Sky and Endgame .

To write the novel a veteran of the Daffydd ab Hugh amendment was hired - he wrote, among others novels from the world of Star Trek, but also books based on their own ideas, including one nominated for the prestigious Hugo award. Daffydda in this effort was assisted by Brad Lineweaver, writing novels and scripts, among others to such series of sfi-ci as Sliders or Battlestar Galactica .

As a big fan of the series, I had to get the original editions of these books, and of course I had to read them. Impressions: these books are a piece of absurd prose placed in the world of Doom - and yet I played great while reading them. With each subsequent volume, however, we leave the story of the game known to us.

First of all: we find out what the protagonist of the game is called. This is Flynn "Fly" Taggard. Many years later, The Rock in Doom's film will get the same tattoo as he: Semper Fi.

The first volume is about the fight on Phobos and ends with the defeat of Cyberdemon and the transfer of the moon into Earth's orbit.

The second volume, which is supposed to correspond to the story of Doom II, talks about the battle on Earth, where governments have allied with strangers (who only pretend to be demons from hell to arouse fear). The hero's only ally is the Salt Lake City Mormons who cooperate with the resistance movement.

The third volume is about visiting the headquarters of the main resistance movement in Hawaii and returning to Phobos, only to find out that to defeat the aliens we must visit their home planet. It will take 200 years ...

In the fourth volume, the characters reach the place - to find out that the aliens are not there anymore, and a completely different race of enemy aliens is going to Earth (do not even ask). Humanity was saved thanks to cryogenics, so it survived frozen on another planet. Unfortunately, aliens live in them - parasites who cause people to stop being bold and adventurous.

OK, I'm not even half of this volume. There is still cloning, life in simulation, and return to Earth after 400 years to find out that it is governed by artificial intelligence which is a clone of the personality of one of the heroines. And lots of other stuff.

And maybe we can end this with memories of Doom's 25/26 ...

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It's loud again about Doom. I prepared a list of curiosities about the game, books and Doom-guy


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