It does not matter what you run Word on. Office Online is now just Office

office online

Microsoft has announced changes in the naming of the Office 365 application. Their web versions will not be referred to as an additional Online component. Because for Microsoft, the web version has exactly the same priority as the one for Windows, iOS or Android.

Office Online - as a name - goes to the past. From now it will simply be Office. It does not matter if you're running Word on Chrome OS or in a browser, on an iPad, on a Mac, or on a Windows workstation. You always open Word - not Word Online, not Word Android Edition and so on. At least this is more or less the reasoning of Microsoft.

This of course means some problems for those who write textbooks, tutorials or blog texts about the Office application. It will take many years before the versions for all operational platforms reach relative functional consistency - which, after all, would be undesirable in some respects. However, the abandonment of the Online component in the applications of the most important service has also some political significance.

Not Office Online, and Office. Because web languages ​​should not be highlighted.

Microsoft under new governments is not just a company that puts - for a change - on inclusiveness, interoperability and openness. It is also a very pragmatic company. Which clearly is not afraid to swallow pride and put the proprietary closed solutions on the side, when open and multiplatform ones prove more sensible.

Microsoft is Google's strategic ally in the promotion of Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which are websites that function like real apps that can be installed locally on a computer. However, for its applications, it seems to prefer a different solution, also related to web technologies.

Microsoft has not created a single PWA yet. However, all of its new applications are not written using native solutions. Where possible and meaningful, Microsoft uses the Electron technique. Including the beta version of the Xbox application, Skype or the currently most important service for the company, which is Teams. Electron is a multiplatform solution, which (in a certain simplification) can be described as a tailor made Chromium browser instance combined with the right application written in web languages.

Changing the name from Office Online to Office and from Excel Online, PowerPoint Online (and so on) to Excel and PowerPoint is the end-user cosmetics. However, the developer community should note this event.

Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the industry, considers the shop as a key platform. This has been signaling for a long time, and not the only one. It is definitely worth considering an investment in the development of your programming competences in the field of web technologies.

Because for Microsoft now Excel for Win32 and for the web browser are equivalent products. And functional deficiencies in the latter is a historical past, which must be completed as quickly as possible.

It does not matter what you run Word on. Office Online is now just Office


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