Internet TV in the prepaid model - this is a new idea of ​​Cyfrowy Polsat

No, I still do not watch TV . But I do not deny that it would be nice if I could, completely unpaid, pay for temporary access to a channel if something interesting was going on there. And this is the opportunity that Cyfrowy Polsat will offer its clients.

Let's start with the hook so that there is no access to OTT Television more beautiful than it really is. The hook is a decoder which must be connected at home. How to get it? The options are two:

  • variant 100 percent prepaid, in which we pay PLN 299 for a set-top box at one time
  • a variant on a contract in which we get a set-top box for free, but we undertake to pay 10 PLN / month for a period of 24 months.

The option with the contract is slightly cheaper, but requires a two-year commitment to pay the subscription on a regular basis. This variant slightly spoils my vision in which I buy a set-top box, connect it to the internet and, under my monthly whims, I buy access to a selected TV package from the offer of Cyfrowy Polsat.

OTT television: TV compatible with any internet provider

Apart from the above-mentioned hook, the further terms of the new Cyfrowy Polsat service are great to me. First of all: the Cyfrowy Polsat decoder will work with any internet provider. Polsat only reserves that the download speed on our link must be at least 8 Mb / s, which is quite logical. There are no other requirements. Thanks to this, you can cleverly combine the Internet-oriented offer with optional television without any obligations.

Simple, brilliant and cheap. I regret that my current operator does not offer such an option and every month, in addition to constant access to the network, I pay a little sense for the cable television package, because such a bundled package was cheaper than the Internet itself. Polsat - you do it right.

New TV Cyfrowy Polsat - choose packages that interest you

Total packages are 9. 3 basic packages: Comfortable, Comfortable, Rich and 6 additional packages (3 premium packages and 3 themed packages), well-known to the most popular sports, movie and children's channels. In addition, thanks to the built-in DVB-T module, free digital terrestrial TV channels will also be available after connecting the terrestrial antenna to the decoder, including Polsat, TVN, TVP 1, TVP 2, TV 4, TV Puls.

In terms of channels, the individual packages look as follows:

  • Comfort Package - 25 channels that will provide access to sports events, films and entertainment, including Polsat Sport HD, Polsat Sport Extra HD, Polsat Film HD, Polsat Doku HD, Polsat News HD, Polsat Family - 20 PLN / month
  • Comfort Package - 42 channels, or channels from the Komfortny package, and additionally TVN 24 HD, TVN Style, Food Network, Animal Planet HD, Discovery Channel HD, Eurosport 1 HD and Eurosport 2 HD - PLN 30 / month.
  • Rich Package - 92 channels, including items from the Comfort Package and additionally, including AXN HD, Cinemax 1 and 2 HD, FOX HD, BBC First, National Geographic HD, MTV Dance, CBeebies, Boomerang HD, Cartoon Network HD or Nickelodeon - 60 PLN / month.

Additional premium packages:

  • Polsat Sport Premium - containing 2 sport channels and 4 PPV services with the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League - 30 PLN / month.
  • Eleven Sports - containing 4 channels, and sports hits on them, among others: Formula 1, LaLiga Santander, Bundesliga, Series A TIM - PLN 15 / month.
  • HBO and HBO GO - containing 3 channels and online service, where you can watch film productions, iconic series and cartoons from Disney - 20 PLN / month.

Additional themed packages:

  • Sport - the richest sports package containing 10 channels, in the offer of, among others Polsatem Sport Premium 1 and 2 HD, Eleven Sports and Eurosport 1 and 2 HD channels - PLN 45 / month.
  • Movies and TV series - 19 channels with international, European and Polish cinema, incl. Kino Polska, FOX Comedy HD, AMC, TV Cinema, TNT HD, Cinemax HD, AXN HD, Paramount Channel - PLN 20 / month.
  • Children - 6 channels with the most beautiful fairy tales for children, including Nickelodeon, CBeebies, Cartoon Network - PLN 10 / month.

The offer can be mixed at will. I want to watch the Champions League final, please, I buy access to Sport Premium for PLN 30 / month and give up after the finals. There's a nice series on HBO? We buy access for a month, watch and resign. Winter has come and we do not want to move from the TV? The Rich Package comes to the rescue.

If not for this initial commitment to the set-top box, I would say that it is an ideal service. More details about this offer can be found on the official website of the service .

Internet TV in the prepaid model - this is a new idea of ​​Cyfrowy Polsat


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