Intelligent lifebuoy. So the Polish inventor wants to stop the wave of drowning

In June alone, 113 people drowned in Poland. By the end of the holidays, this number will increase. Therefore, it is worth cheering for such inventors as Artur Kaminski, whose project may in the future contribute to the improvement of safety at Polish bathing beaches.

In fact, this is not a revolutionary idea. Ages ago, we discovered that entering the water with a lifebelt, or inflatable straps for swimming, it is hard to drown. The problem is that many people do not want to swim with boosters, because they do not need them.

However, one unnecessary moment, a high wave, reverse current, a few seconds of panic and a beautiful afternoon on the beach may end in a tragedy. But it does not have to.

Lifeguard Swim Belt is a smart lifebuoy

Kaminski's idea is a combination of a traditional lifebuoy and a car airbag. At rest it looks like a (normal) strip. It does not hinder your movements in any way, and if you add a waterproof smartphone pocket to it, it could easily become a fashionable tech-gadget. But let's go back to its basic function, which is to save life.

The idea boils down to a container with compressed gas, which in the event of danger is pierced by a needle, triggered by pulling the buckle. The gas from the pierced tank pumping elastic material mounted on the belt, turning it into a lifeline. With a view to reducing the risk of failure, Kamiński equipped his belt with two buckles. The first one shifts the head itself, which pierces the gas tank. If, however, for some reason it does not work, the second, emergency buckle is used to move the gas tank itself, so that it can be fixed on the immobilized head. This solution is very similar to the emergency line in parachutes.

The biggest challenge was finding the right stretchable and resistant to mechanical damage. And there is no exaggeration in this statement. It turned out that there is only one material in the world that meets all the requirements set by the Polish inventor. He helped contact a Polish company dealing in the sale of plastics, which managed to locate it and order it for Kamiński.

There remains the question of patenting the invention


The application for securing the Lifeguard Swim Belt project was submitted to the Polish Patent Office 18 months ago. We are writing about it only now, because only now the Polish office has decided to disclose the project. In practice, this means that soon it will be registered.

The next step will be to find an investor interested in the invention, which would put money on its mass production. It is a pity that our Patent Office revealed the project only in June - I suspect that launching the production and sale of Lifeguard Swim Belt in this holiday season is bordering on a miracle. Therefore, I wish Mr Kaminski good luck and I keep my fingers crossed for his invention to reach stores before the holidays of 2020.

Intelligent lifebuoy. So the Polish inventor wants to stop the wave of drowning


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