Instagram does not work. Failure felt mainly in Poland

Instagram has problems today. The website does not work for many people.

Instagram does not work and asks you to change your password

Users report using Downdetector that Instagram does not work. In many cases, the message "can not refresh this channel" is displayed. But that's not the end of problems.

Some report that the site greeted them with information about the need to change the password. And this is already disturbing, because it may suggest that an incident occurred, as a result of which some data was leaked or captured.

Facebook also had a problem today

Instagrama's failure started around 3pm. At the same time, thousands of people have reported that something bad is happening with Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp . All of these sites belong to Facebook. It can therefore be assumed that a failure occurred with a service provider who is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure for the Mark Zuckerberg company.

Failure felt mainly in Poland

Poland is the red spot on Downdetector's map. The failure was reported by many users from Poland - at the peak of the time there were over 3000 reports. Now, several hundred people report that Instagram does not work.

There are many indications that Facebook has already picked up after the failure. Instagram should be soon.

Instagram does not work. Failure felt mainly in Poland


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