Incognito mode in Google Chrome has finally stopped tracking users. You can now download the new version of the browser

Chrome dark theme windows

Google has just showed a new version of its browser - Chrome 76. What's new?

This time, there were no revolutions and hidden possibilities that would trigger the "wow" effect. The new version of the Chrome browser at first glance does not differ from the old one, but there are a few changes that we will certainly appreciate in the time perspective.

Chrome 76 - what's new?

The biggest change has come in the back; Chrome 76 by default blocks Flash and by default does not follow the user in Incognito mode , which will certainly please many people. Flash support can still be enforced in the browser - it will go out for good next year.

The new Chrome also allows webmasters to implement automatic dark mode on pages, so that in the dark mode the content will be dark, not just the navigation bars. A good change.

From the usable side, another important thing has changed - if a site offers PWA for its service, its installation will be possible directly from the browser bar. In the so-called "Omnibox" will appear plusik, after clicking which you will be able to install the application.

Chrome 76 update

On mobile devices, however, which often scare the PWA availability popup, programmers will now be able to block this pop-up so that it does not scare users every time.

Chrome 76 update - how to download?

In fact, we do not have to do anything - the browser will update itself and display a message about the need to restart. If we are in a hurry with the update, we can enter the "information" tab in the desktop browser and speed up the whole process.

Chrome 76 update

Chrome 76 is now available on personal computers and mobile devices.

Incognito mode in Google Chrome has finally stopped tracking users. You can now download the new version of the browser


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