If you miss the heat of Africa, we have good news: they are coming back

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Long-term weather forecasts are again alarming: African heat will probably return to Europe. Fortunately, Poland will miss the worst heat, although it will be very warm with us anyway.

The most will get to France, where in some cities temperatures can exceed 40 degrees C. It will also be equally hot in Italy and Spain.

Long-term weather forecast: hot weather from Africa will hit Europe again


This year's heat waves are coming from the hot air currents that come to us from Africa. The worst thing is to be at the weekend, although when it comes to Poland, firstly: the wave of hot air will largely bypass our country, so that maximum temperatures should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and second: according to forecasts by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Sunday in Poland will be over-stormy, which, of course, will additionally ease the heat. From Monday, we will return to pleasant 20-degree degrees throughout the country.

It does not change the fact that recurring heat from Africa will certainly affect the increase of the average annual temperature in Europe. Add to this that in the dense buildings of European cities, such high temperatures can be deadly for people. But we already know about it.

Climate change itself is more disturbing

Yes. Climate changes disrupt the flow of jet stream, which circles the Arctic and largely regulates the climate in Europe. By its weakness, we experience the prolongation of its meanders, filled with cooler air from the north, or warmer from the south. The weakening of the stream itself causes that we are dealing with increasingly extreme temperatures in Europe.

The Gulf Stream has similar problems

In fact, the climate of North-Western Europe is even dependent on the heat transport system in the Atlantic Ocean. This system of sea currents called AMOC (Atlantic meridian recirculation) transports cold water from the North Atlantic to the south and warm from the tropics to the north. The Gulf Stream is responsible for this second phase.

It is no wonder that scientists are concerned about the latest measurements, which show that the strength of the Gulf Stream is the smallest in 1600 years. It is true that we have heard earlier that the ongoing climate change on our planet may lead to the death of the Gulf Stream, but all previous forecasts on the subject said that it will happen in several dozen years at the earliest.

What's next?

According to the researchers, further weakening of the Gulf Stream and stream current will have a huge impact on marine ecosystems, on the level of sea level and on weather in Europe and in the United States. The progressive slowdown of water circulation in the Atlantic means much harsher winters on our continent. Researchers do not even exclude that Europe can enter the next, small glacial era.

Changes in the sea current system are caused by the activities of our species. Excessive greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are beginning to manifest itself in increasingly serious consequences. The disappearance of the Gulf Stream is one of them.

Interestingly: still in 2015, the UN International Climate Change Team estimated that the odds of disappearing the Gulf Stream at this age are only one to ten. Since then, these chances have increased threefold.

If you miss the heat of Africa, we have good news: they are coming back


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