I ve stuck 100 hours and I m in love. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game worth buying a Switch for - Review

I walk through the corridors of the Garreg Mach academy, watching the students pass by. For the first time in the history of Fire Emblem, it allows you to explore the open 3D terrain easily, and I use this opportunity to look for the trail of a traitor. I am thrilled at the thought that one of the students or teachers would dare to come against the Church. My sword screams for new experience points. Soon. The time of peace is clearly coming to an end.

Fire Emblem is my favorite game series on the Nintendo 3DS portable console. The cycle focuses on turn-based battles of several units, each of which has a unique look, character, personality and history. Strengthening the ties between members of the army is a key mechanic of the series, which has very interesting consequences in the form of romances, marriages, and even offspring (!) Able after years to grab the sword, bow or staff of the sorcerer.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the upbringing of children was turned into student education.

The main character stops being a breeding machine. The player champion in a very naïve, inflated manner becomes a professor of the elite Garreg Mach. This is a renowned academy that teaches the art of sword, feather, singing and spells. Her students are mainly the heirs of the most influential families of all three kingdoms. In this way, we explained the title of the strategy and outlined the core of the first half of the game.

As a professor, the player must choose one of three classes from the very beginning. Each of them has 8-10 members with unique characters and biographies. The decision is not easy, and the game forces you to take it far too early. We do not know the students yet, we do not distinguish them, and we also know nothing about the class leaders (who are at the same time the heirs of the whole kingdom). We make a choice blindly, based on the first impression. The catch is that this first impression can be very wrong.

Harry Potter and the Nintendo Switch Chamber.

The first 40 - 50 hours of gameplay is running your own class. The game allows you to move around the academy freely and take a number of activities. We organize lectures, visit the canteen, repair the class equipment, grow gardening, set development paths for students, talk to students, and even invite students for innocent tea. Every month we start a new card in the calendar, and with it come new challenges, dialog lines and possibilities.

Of course, fighting is an inseparable element of training. After all, we have future masters of archery, witchcraft or riding under our wings. Hence, the class regularly gets the task of driving out bandits from the village or dealing with monsters. I especially liked the latter with these enemies. Monsters occupy four tactical bars instead of one on the tactical map, and they have several strength straps. Fighting with them is something really refreshing.

Experience points to each mission, which translates into levels and skills. As a professor, we are responsible for the specializations of our students. We choose their classes and it depends on us to a great extent whether the handsome lord will be a paladin or a dark knight in the future. Such "career counseling" is a great fun that allows you to shape the perfect team. One in which there will be a cleric and a mage, a heavy man and an archer, a rider on a horse, but also a rider on a flying wyvern.

Garreg Mach becomes the player's home. But really, in the form of an emotional charge.

Just like Harry Potter, he loved coming back to Hogwarts, so I can not wait for the new month in the academy. There is always something to do in the mountainous castle. Ba - the activity is more than time to implement them. As a professor, we constantly face elections. Lesson of using a spear or lesson of reciting prayer songs? The graphic designer is not made of rubber and we will never place all valuable activities in it. Following the great Persona series, we have to make choices.

The great thing is that these choices are not only about the player's character, but about the whole class he runs. A sense of duty encourages greater involvement and a better understanding of students. After a dozen or so hours, young people ceased to be anonymous to me. I got to know their characters, shreds of history and even favorite dishes or hobbies. Although in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the player does not assume a biological family, the whole class becomes a family. A wounded, fighting shoulder to shoulder and supporting one another. This is important inasmuch as there is permadeath in the strategy - once a unit lost on the battlefield never revives!

Being at the battlefields - I like most of the changes and novelties introduced into the Three Houses.

The series partially breaks with joining units into pairs, known from the previous 3DS view. Active support of teammates is reduced to a minimum and battalions appear in its place. Battalion is a private army of a dozen or so heirs of each heir that he can take with him in battle. Thanks to it, the character has better modifiers for statistics, and also receives a unique attack, spell or other form of activity.

Battalions can also be recruited, but not every private army will listen to the rich snob from the castle. The stronger the private army, the greater the authority ratio must have a specific character. In turn, it is worth investing in authority, because the strongest battalions can inflict insolent high damage, often in the form of area attacks. If that were not enough, sending a battalion to attack the figure is not exposed to a counterattack. So as you can easily deduce from the higher levels of difficulty, private armies have enormous significance.

I also like that the producers broke with a simple stone - paper - scissors system (sword - ax - bow). The types of weapons are now much more, and the type of weapon does not always define the weaknesses and attack strengths in advance. In the end, there are swords that make a pogrom among heavy armor, as well as bows, from which the magicians are magnificently shot. Wealth of weapons translates into a wealth of statistics and a greater range of possibilities. No more wasting three turns, waiting for our heavyweight to reach the right position at the first line.

In addition to typical attacks and the use of battalions, each character also develops skills for a given weapon species. Special attacks using skills consume the strength of the weapon. This one can break in the middle of battle, hence the returning figure of a blacksmith. In turn, magical attacks have gained a completely separate category. Consequently, nothing stands in the way of letting the sword wielding the warrior release a ball of fire towards the enemy. Of course, how much earlier did we teach him this fireball as a professor. Just a revelation, comparing it with the limitations of the previous parts.

After 40 - 50 hours, all this idyllic mood of Harry Potter collapses like a house of cards.

Of course, I will not reveal fictional nuances to you. It's enough to say that while the first half of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game of Harry Potter, the other half is blood, sweat and tears. Production becomes much darker and more serious. The rate is increasing dramatically. The characters we like can experience many wrongs, which affects their characters and personality. A political earthquake passes across the continent, casting a shadow over every location and every figure. Yummy.

The developers of Fire Emblem are playing with the convention. They make bold changes, so after 50 hours of the game you have the impression of sitting down to a completely new production. Or a very large addition. The price-to-content ratio is unbelievably attractive and very profitable for this product. Performing side missions and developing careers of up to 100 hours is not enough for you to pass this title. The content is mass, despite the difficult to understand lack of couch or network PvP.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game for which you buy a console.

If you love games like X-COM or Gorky 17, it's hard not to admire this title. Three Houses begins badly. The first hour is an absolute drama. Everything seems to be far-fetched and meaningless. It is enough, however, to spend several more hours in the academy walls to realize how extensive, interesting and interesting this production is. Best of all, immediately after her transition, she wants to run the strategy for the second time, choosing a different gender, character class, group of students and taking other plot decisions.

Thanks to the introduction of free movement around the academy, the full 3D Fire Emblem has become diversified. The fights ceased to be monotonous. The distance between individual game modules - whether it's a lecture, an important battle or drinking tea - has been perfectly spread. Playing Three Houses is always hungry for what's next. Production rivets to the screen for hours, and in my case also helped to collect a few nights. It was worth it though. No Fire Emblem on 3DS gave me so much pleasure. The qualitative jump is felt.

The biggest advantages:

  • Playing with Professor Hogwarts passes the exam
  • A great distribution of accents between fights, lessons and free exploration
  • Very good changes of mechanisms on the battlefield
  • The player has more freedom and creativity in building an army
  • A perfect narrative change after 50 hours of play
  • Production for long weeks of fun

The biggest drawbacks:

  • The beginning of the Three Houses is amazingly terrible
  • No PvP mode
  • Medium successful network add-ons
  • The game too quickly forces you to choose a page

Three Houses is the third best edition of the great series. The game takes a privileged place right after the unrivaled Path of Radiance from the GameCube console and the grand continuation of Radiant Dawn from Nintendo Wii.

I've stuck 100 hours and I'm in love. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game worth buying a Switch for - Review


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