I thought I was eating healthy. The Healthy Shopping application quickly led me out of error

If one day, when shopping, you will see someone who scans all the products on the shelf in a smart phone, then puts them back in disgust, then ... it can be me. And it is very possible that you should do exactly the same.

I usually do not write about applications that have been on the market for a long time, which everyone will find and everyone already has . So I did not write about the Healthy Shopping application - despite my unflagging delight over her - convinced that who knows, knows . After that I made a little interview out of curiosity among my friends and it turned out that for many of them this program was a complete novelty.

And some of the local research surprised me a bit. Healthy Shopping is the only application that I absolutely must have on my phone when shopping. And it would be good if everyone had it installed at home.

Healthy Shopping - what's the right thing?

The idea and the principle of application operation are very easy. Instead of reading a small print printed on the packaging, the list of ingredients - picking out the harmful ones - we scan the barcode with a smartphone. After which - instead of analyzing each component in turn - we get processed information on the tray, based on which we can conclude whether a given product may harm us or not.

Zero philosophy, zero searching during online shopping, which is healthy and what is not. The whole process looks briefly - launch the application, select the scan function, scan the product, scoreboard:

It probably can not be simplified anymore - including a simple system of evaluating components in graphical form. If something is beneficial to the human body, there will be a green, smiling face. If it's neutral - the smiley will be less happy, but still smiling. If something is suspicious (and it is generally better to avoid it) - the face will be embarrassed and yellow. If something is harmful - the face will be orange, and if very harmful - red.

So you do not need to explore food secrets to find out whether E300 is more harmful than E250, and whether you need to be afraid of E331 or E315. You do not even need to know exactly what one of these ingredients means to choose the right one - this is what the app should do for us.

Of course, if we want to be fully aware of what we eat, we can delve into the description of each ingredient. With each of them we find not only the designation (eg Exxx), but also the description and harmfulness, or general contraindications. Mostly also - if the product after scanning will cover us with red and yellow smileys, the application will tell you what you can choose instead of not to poison yourself with your own money.

And so - sometimes the composition from the application's database does not always match perfectly what we find on the label, but in most cases I could not have any serious reservations. I did not happen - except for one or two situations - to find a product that was not in the database at all and would have to be manually added or analyzed. And at the same time, I do not count cases when the product, which usually - in times before the application was installed - landed in my basket, after scanning it fell permanently from my menu. And even despite the fact that I try to buy in places that offer health food in general.

For some food / drink categories, the results of the scans were so frightening that ... some of the things I started doing alone, with unprocessed ingredients. I have no doubt that I came out well.

It does not hurt everyone

The Healthy Shopping app has its default list of generally harmful and generally suspicious substances. Some, unfortunately, have to expand it with additional ingredients for health reasons. Fortunately, the application can do it either by selecting additional options from the list, or by entering them yourself (the program will try to search for them in the scanned lineup).

Fortunately, I did not have to use this option for my own needs, but short laboratory tests showed that this function works the most.

And all this for free?

Yes and no. The application for iOS and Android is admittedly free, but in return it presents us with advertisements (you can even see them on the screenshots above), and also limits the number of free scans to 10. To increase our limit, you need to see the ads, which unfortunately may not be very comfortable in store conditions and unnecessarily extend your visit to the store.

Of course, you can watch the inventory, but it would be nice if the creators introduced a subscription option or even a one-time purchase - I would probably be one of the first people who would click on the "Buy now" button.

And the most important thing is ... common sense.

Healthy Shopping in my case came in handy to limit the harmful ingredients in what previously seemed to me maybe even not so healthy, at least harmless. So they polished my list, already exhausted by my common sense. And in this application they work great.

On the other hand, I regularly look at what appears on the main screen of the application in the field Popular scans and hair bristles. Anyway, let's recall the picture from the beginning of the text, scrolling through the list of these popular scans:

I'm not going to tell anyone what to eat and what should not, but the overwhelming majority of these scans are terrifying. I sincerely hope that they were made only to test whether the application actually works and actually catches all harmful substances. Because if someone suspected these products about being healthy or harmless (ok, the tuna in the list has green smileys), then ... let the application make him realize how gigantic the error lived.

Of course, you must also approach the application warnings with reserve. Some substances may be suspicious or not to be consumed in excess, but it does not mean that you need to immediately hurray them from the shopping cart and hide in the corners of the store, so that nobody will accidentally buy them and do not poison. That's why - even if they stand in the queue - it is worth to pull out the smartphone and read why something did not get a green face, and eg a yellow face. In the end - and there is not a bit of exaggeration - is the knowledge that our life can depend on.

I thought I was eating healthy. The Healthy Shopping application quickly led me out of error


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