I rewind the cult games on the Switch like a VHS tape. But I do not want the same on PlayStation 5

The first time I got to the fourth level of Dokney Kong 3 without a single scoop. In the 90's, playing Pegasus, I could only dream about a similar result. Better reflexes? Greater prudence? Life wisdom? Not at all. Nintendo introduced the ability to scroll the cult games on the Nintendo Switch. Mario fell into the abyss? Let's undo it.

Failure is included in the DNA of video games. Already the first program indicated as a full-fledged game - Pong - assumed that there must be a winner and a loser. Winner and loser. From the very beginning, the games forced them to take challenges and taught that failures were part of the process of self-improvement. If it were not for lost, there would be no desire to become better, faster, more effective. After all, nobody is perfect at first. Victory is often nothing but the sum of previous failures, after which we never gave up.

What if you removed the defeat from the world of video games?

Nintendo came up with this idea by creating a retro-console SNES Classic Mini. A small box of Japanese can do much more than just customize iconic games to modern resolutions and refresh rates. The device allows you to scroll freely every game that is in the catalog. By holding the appropriate button, you can roll back the action as if you were going back the video recorded on the VHS cassette.

In this way, all defeats in iconic games like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart or Donkey Kong Country ceased to matter. We fell into the abyss? We go back. The goblin defeated us? We go back. Wrong, did we enter the bend? We go back.

The SNES Classic Mini retains the last five minutes of play, allowing you to use scrolling anywhere and anytime. Each of the pre-installed 21 games suddenly became more shallow and less demanding. The player is like a bulldozer, promping for victory regardless of the growing threats. In this way, the entire balance of the game was lost. The challenge ceased to exist. Self-improvement was no longer needed.

Now the scrolling trick landed on the Nintendo Switch console

From today, all games that can be found in the Nintendo Switch Online collection can be scrolled. This is a successively swelling catalog of NES console hits, with such classics as Metroid, Dr. Mario, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus or Excitebike. Thanks to reversing each of these games you will go without any problem. What a difference to the 90s, where each of the above titles could give you powerfully in a bone.

Being at the bone-making games - for me, scrolling was the strongest on the title of Volleyball in 1987. In the 90s of the last century volleyball straight from Nintendo was too difficult for me. Each scored point was a great, great achievement. I remember that I returned to this title a few weeks ago and there was still no simple victory over the opponent. Even considering that I finally mastered the mechanics of the block and return.

Rewinding is a completely different story. When I know where the opponent's ball hits, even the biggest firecracker ceases to be a problem. The wall is always perfectly set. The collection is exemplary. Only the attack remained so. That was also my reaction to the cheated winnings. The losing sets given up after a difficult and honest fight were much more fun. Failure, or objectively pejorative, was stronger than a cup of several dozen pixels.

The power of the PS5 and the new Xbox would allow modern games to scroll. That would be fatal

In my mind I see Dark Souls or Bloodborne, scrolling through. It is something terrible. Or a lost goal in FIFA. There is nothing more interesting than trying to level the result during an important league match, with the clock playing the role of the biggest rival. Using reversing in modern games, we would get rid of many interesting aspects of the game. We would not get any better.

Of course, there are games - like Prince of Persia, GRID or Forza Horizon - where the time shift back makes sense. Where it does not break the game in a complete way. Then such a possibility is, however, reasonably limited, most often the number of possible uses. However, if you give systemic players, universal, extended to all new video games, undoing the game - no, that would be something terrible. For players. For the quality of games.

For the whole market. Let Sony and Microsoft never follow this lead.

I rewind the cult games on the Switch like a VHS tape. But I do not want the same on PlayStation 5


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