I looked at how a ten-year-old uses a smartphone. I do not believe it myself, but I appreciated TikTok

I spent the weekend with a ten-year-old from a generation who is said to be natively digitally. To say that I felt weird, it's like saying nothing.

I do not belong to people who avoid new technologies. First of all because my work has been connected with them for years. Second, because I'm their lover. Statistically looking, I probably spend much more time with my smartphone than the average bread eater. I also squeeze the last juices from my smartphone, using it for everything - from paying it in the store, through communication, to consumption of content.

I translate, or rather draw the context, because I happen to think about my use of a smartphone, tablet or computer in terms of addiction. On the other hand, the border must be fluid, since most of these activities translate into money, because they have a direct relationship with work.

I thought I was misusing a smartphone until I saw my ten-year-old family in action.

My relation to the child and smartphone set reminded until recently the picture from the once known graphics, the message of which was more or less: "a child plus matches equals a fire".

A smartphone is a great and easy to use tool, but you have to be able to handle it. Especially when you are a few or a dozen years old. Why? Because even some adults do not realize the consequences of using social networking sites, e-mail, and even YouTube. At the same time, spreading fake news and infecting the device with various types of malware is considered to be a minor offense. First of all, I mean susceptibility to stalking, hate and everything that is sometimes called moral losses.

Let's go back to the 10-year-old mentioned in the headline. She spent the weekend with me and my wife, who could have been so difficult for her that, unlike my parents, we introduced restrictions on the use of a smartphone. Of course, at the same time, we tried to fill the child's time and provide attractions that this lack would fulfill. In the moments when the girl reached for her mobile device, I watched closely what he was doing.

TikTok with new Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

With the perception of TikTok by a little older, the average older and very older generation is just as it once was with the relation to the so-called youth music. As a teenager, I have had many times to listen to not very wise opinions about szarpydrut, which I pay attention to. Fortunately, I had a wise mother, who not only fed my music fascinations, but also managed to record the single "The Battle Rages On" Deep Purple and let it go on my return from school, and at the eighteenth to make a concert ticket for it. groups (greetings to the participants of the concert, which took place on June 3, 1996 in Katowice's Spodek).

In the case of TikTok, the analogy with szarpydrut seems to me to be so sensible that usually the older generations do not understand the younger ones. Moreover, they praise the value of this or that phenomenon a priori, without even trying to understand it.

So when we look at TikToka briefly, we can break our hands. What do we see? The child squeezing the soap to the rhythm of the music, the teenager playfully play the eye to the audience, someone who is reminiscent of Michael Jackson, is in the discount and pulling the shopping cart presents the moon walk. The feeling of surrealism does not leave when we scroll through the next tiktoki (or how they are there).

On the other hand, we will quickly notice that there is a method in this madness and many of these strange videos required creativity, ideas and some quite good skills.

Of course, it must be added that we are talking about the most popular tiktoks displayed in the feed. The vast majority, like Instagrama, are better or worse attempts by children who do not have the backbone and skills of the giants of this platform.

Looking at the activity of this 10-year-old on TikToku, I realized one important thing. It does not matter if the child gives vent to their creativity using pencils and paper, chalk and asphalt or TikToka. Yes, in the first cases develops manual skills, but something else is important: that he tries to express himself, uses his imagination and creates his own work. What's more, by looking at the video of a girl in which we see something like animation with the use of drawings created by her traditional means of expression, I am convinced that digital and analogue reality can be combined.

It worried me that a 10-year-old is digitizing almost every aspect of her life.

When I checked out of curiosity which applications the girl was the most willing to use, I was not surprised that TikTok absorbed the most time. However, looking at the activity outside of this application, I noticed another detail.

I was somewhat saddened by the fact that practically every activity had to be digitized . A visit to the restaurant? Photo and mug for Messenger to friends. Visiting some tourist attraction - the same, plus the relationship on TikToku. The real world is completely mixed with the virtual one. You can even say that there is no border between these worlds.

Recently, on the grill with friends, I was a scene witness, when two teenagers located slightly off the beaten track, sat staring at the screens of smartphones and had a great time (or at least they made an impression). They were together, but separately, and their contact mediated mobile devices.

When I looked at this scene, I broke my hands first. However, I soon realized that if I, the old geek, are starting to not keep up, it means more or less that I should refrain from the damning tone.

World is changing. My adolescence could be as shocking to my parents as it is strange for me to behave nastalotków. Much better than sticking the labels on kids will be attempts to understand their world, and above all, delicate efforts to sort priorities when we have influence on children.

I looked at how a ten-year-old uses a smartphone. I do not believe it myself, but I appreciated TikTok


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