I just bought an iPad and I have four comments to Apple. All urgent

I have wanted to have it for a long time. Yes, this device is in many ways limited, but also wonderful. I also knew what to expect of it due to these restrictions and it did not bother me. Some elements, however, need to be changed in the iPad. Not only because I say so.

The iPad is in my opinion the crown jewel of Apple's offer. iPhone? Koreans and Chinese do it better and usually cheaper. MacBook? Similarly, I did not let myself be charmed by the magic of macOS. And these are not the most perfect hardware on the market. Apple's tablet, however, is a completely different story.

For many years he was beyond the sphere of my interests. As long as Apple treated iPad as such an iPhone with a large display, I did not see the point of spending a large amount on it. Since the last few versions of iOS, however, it started to be very interesting, and soon the iPad operating system will also form a formally separate entity - as an iPadOS .

Since iOS-11, I have been following the development of the iPad with much more interest. It is by no means a universal tool like Surface Pro. I certainly could not personally serve as a basic device for work - its form and the lack of convenient operation using a mouse or trackpad are exclusive. These are, however, the main restrictions.

iOS on the iPad has changed unrecognizable in recent years. He started to offer a quite comfortable working environment. And although it is still full of restrictions, it in return offers something that is alien to Android and Windows competition.

It just works.

And this is not about hanging out applications, service difficulties, viruses or such stories. Branded hardware with good software and everything is safe and stable also on Windows or Android. The iPad works, however, always. Immediately. Asleep almost does not consume electricity. Instantly responds to commands. There are no worse moments, it is not moody. It just works. Instantly. Always . Do you want to wake him up, open an Excel file or see photos of funny cats on the Internet. Everything always works, right away.

The iPad is a unique computer, with a work culture unattainable for any device with Windows, Android and even macOS. This is the only computer (the second time I use this term instead of the tablet - consciously) which is:

  • Designed in terms of equipment from scratch by the manufacturer
  • Designed in terms of software from scratch by the manufacturer
  • Very popular among individual and corporate customers, which encourages third parties to create high-quality software on it

Android and macOS work on general purpose integrated circuits, not on the Apple A chipset and its coprocessors, which Apple can precisely tune its iPadOS. And let's not forget that in the benchmarks of the iPad with its original processor drops Surface Pro crash in the version with Core i7 processor.

ipad pro 10.5 ios 11

And Windows? Microsoft is constantly trying to slim it down and get rid of millions of lines of code that remember the last millennium. It is thus an incomparably more functional system than iOS or iPadOS, but because of its absurd complexity, not so flawless or responsive. It's easier for Apple to add new things to his system than to remove Microsoft from his own. And besides, do you really need all the advanced Windows tools on an ultraportable computer or a tablet?

I am very happy with my purchase, and if the pace of development of the iPadOS is maintained, ultrabooks and hybrids with Windows and Chrome OS have something to fear. Apple is not missing enough to create a comfortable iPadOS-based work platform. And the competition has much more to catch up on the work culture of its devices.

I will issue the card in a few years, however. Apple must embrace four deficiencies that bother me. The first one is ... non-intuitive operation.

iPad really lacks a tutorial for a new user. The device displays the first few slides that inform about the basics. Who reads PowerPoint by starting the device for the first time? As a result of the existence of very comfortable and well thought-out gestures of the iOS interface, I heard it mainly. They are difficult to discover for myself, I do not know a certain part to this day.

Solution? Competition does it better. When you first start Windows and most Android variations, the device actively prompts you with the actions you can perform. It shows on a live interface, not on a slide, what can be done to achieve a given effect. If I was not interested in the subject - like a typical consumer just wanting to buy a tablet - I would probably never know about iOS gestures.

User profiles. Apple, look, do not be silly anymore.

I have been annoyed for years by the fact that the iPad can not be a family device. Just like our home Mac. There is no reason why the tablet can not serve us, our partner or kids - just like any other computer. iOS and iPadOS do not support user profiles, and this raises several problems.

Not only every family member has access to our private data (not in every family is a problem, we would have passed it), but sometimes it is almost impossible to share all the tablet functions. Own set of favorites in the browser, instant messenger, playlists on Spotify. After all, it's the primer of the tablet system. Apple prefers to sell more iPads to one household. Looking at the sales results: a good plan. Although in our home, in effect, simply on the iPad, we have fewer applications and less use of it.

Default applications. No, application shortcuts do not solve the problem.

Apple has made some interesting and useful moves to promote its services and applications. You can remove most preinstalled applications from iOS for a long time - my folder Trash on the desktop has much less elements than it would have a few years ago. Still, we have to do gymnastics so that Siri and Safari do not react to typical activities. It is not the time that services have become popular, brutally pushing them into their throats. I do not want Safari, because even if it does not provide me with synchronization with the browser on the PC. I do not want Siri, because I do not understand in Polish. And so on.

A partial solution to the problem are application shortcuts introduced to iOS. This feature allows software developers to give users the choice of which program the links should open. The problem is that developers use this feature mainly to promote their products. Do you see somewhere in the screenshot above from the Opera Opera application? Or Edge? Android and Windows allow here for incomparably more. More specifically, for convenient use of the tools that I want to use. I do not think I'm asking for much.

Instagram and other funny things. That is the myth about the App Store's splendor versus the Polish realities.

Of all the problems I've mentioned before, I knew before buying. However, how bad the case looks with applications for the Apple tablet, it was a huge surprise for me. That's all about the great App Store offer. I assure you, no one is more amazed than me, but I have more tablet applications installed on Surface Pro with Windows 10.

Heretic and idiot? I do not doubt that the applications of Starbucks, Wall Street Journal, Apple, Microsoft, Financial Times or this London subway are a wonder that interface designers are excited about. But we have different needs here in unleashed Poland. Gazeta.pl? Version from the iPhone. When I arrive? Version from the iPhone. Most e-commerce applications from Ceneo at the forefront? The iPhone version. I could exchange further and create a long list, just why. I prefer to complain about these versions on the phone, which look pitiful on the iPad display. As an example, I used Instagram - several times I made sure whether it is true that one of the most important social services in the world still does not have an Apple tablet version.

To be clear, the iPad is great.

I did not buy it to complain about it. This is in its class device that absolutely has no competition. I also propose that in a maximum of several years it will be a huge threat for companies currently governing the PC market. However, it is not without flaws, and the four above are considered not only to be the most urgent corrections - and for a compromising device this is somewhat miraculous.

I just bought an iPad and I have four comments to Apple. All urgent


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