I dream about an application that will be Instagram from years ago

No influencers and ads, no empty likes. With control over what I see. I remember such an Instagram and would like to come back to it. Can Dayflash be such an application?

Let me start with the fact that I have a big problem with Instagram . The service that I once loved, today arouses reluctance in me, and abhorrence. Instagram began to personalize everything that is worst in today's social media.

We have a set here:

  • more and more invasive advertising,
  • unmarked product placement in the pictures,
  • no control over what we see in the feed,
  • push content that is not interesting to us,
  • promoting empty influencers profiles.
  • an absolute flood of worthless content.

The last point is particularly annoying. I go to Instagram and what do I see? Dogs. Children. Mobile advertising. Children with dogs. Washing liquid shown in the holiday scenery. Advertising for a smartphone case. A vain selfie with a prominative cleavage. A great photo of the photographer I value. Fastfood coffee advertising. A generic holiday view. Selfie from the restaurant.

Primary soup.

Let's say it directly, when you have a billion users, you can not be a good photo service. Today, Instagram has little to do with its cradle, or photography. With photos - yes, but not with photography. It's two different worlds. Photography creates eye, experience, sometimes happiness, often intelligent observation. Photo - especially popular ones, promoted on Instagram - creates tinsel, lans, fame.

I tried, I really tried to create a valuable and inspiring feed on Instagram, but this task got out of control. Just like on Facebook, which has become one big chaos.

According to one theory, the first stage of life on Earth was a primary soup , a mixture of organic compounds from which all living organisms evolved. With social networking sites it is exactly the opposite: they start with particulars and end with a completely indigestible secondary soup , in which it is difficult to find something meaningful.

Instagram annoys me, but I miss a good social photo application.

There are days and even weeks when I do not look at Instagram at all, because I know I will not find anything interesting on it. Opening the application would be a waste of time. Sometimes I watch what friends show in their section Stories, but after a few more relationships I feel bored, and then I forget about Instagram for a few days.

I publish very rarely myself, although I photograph more than ever. Most of my private photos are taken by my daughter, which paradoxically cured me of sharing my photos with outsiders. I understand less and less people who share their everyday life, especially if they are oblivious to all children in this everyday life.

However, I miss a mobile service with good photos. A website that I could control, without the whole shell of everything bad in Instagram. Although I follow photo forums and galleries on 500px.com and Behance, but I miss a mobile approach to the topic.

I see great potential in the Dayflash application, which I have been using for a short time.

I was tempted by the headlines saying that it was Instagram's successor. Will it be so in essence? I do not know, but Dayflash is definitely worth your attention. It has a minimalist interface that puts entirely on full-screen photos. It also has an interesting approach to the gallery, because not all of the published photos can be seen on the user's profile. By default, photographs go to the streams of people who are watching us, and only photos are pinned on our profile permanently. I really like this idea. I do not like the fact that Dayflash is only available on iOS . It was the same with Instagram once.

I hope that some application - maybe Dayflash, or maybe a completely different one - will grow into a real alternative for Instagrama. At the same time, I'm afraid that in 2019 it is simply too late.

I dream about an application that will be Instagram from years ago


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