I checked Foodsi and Too Good To Go - trying to avoid wasting food

At the beginning I will boast of a small success: I managed to order, pick up and eat meals with pleasure. However, there are details that make it likely that only one of the applications tested will be on my smartphone.

In April, we wrote that the Poles created the Foodsi application to sell food from stores and restaurants that would end up in the trash. And already in July in Poland (so far only in Warsaw) appeared Danish application Too Good To Go, whose idea is the same - the fight with wasting food.

The rules of operation of the Polish and Danish applications are similar to each other: you buy a meal at a discount of 50-70 percent, pay by the app, and collect it at a restaurant / shop at a set time. You never know what exactly will be in your meal, but certainly something from the restaurant's menu. Despite the similarities, there are details that differentiate the Too Good To Go from Foodsi.

Using applications - color psychology

Downloading and registration in both applications proceeds simply and quickly by entering the name, email and password (Foodsi still requires a phone number). Apka Too Good To Go is kind of lighter to use. Intuitive navigation and turquoise-white background make it a pleasure to use.

The Foodsi application is also easy to use, but it has a black background, which personally is a bit depressing for me personally. According to the psychology of colors, black means power and elegance (I do not know what attitude it takes to save the planet from wasting food), which is why it is often used by clothing brands. In contrast, the color itself can evoke emotions like sadness and anger, while white color means innocence, goodness, purity. I clearly noticed that I was more likely to click on the TGTG app.

Maps in applications - red or green?

Both applications have built-in maps to make it easier to find the nearest place to buy a meal. At Too Good To Go, restaurants and shops that do not offer meals by the app at the moment are marked in red. However, if the restaurant has a meal to sell, it glows green.

Unfortunately, at Foodsi all the places on the map are always green. You click, and it turns out that in reality the place has nothing to sell. An important question arises: how should I distinguish on the map premises that have meals from those that do not ...

Foodsi vs. Too Good To Go - filters in applications

The Too Good To Go app has a very nice filter in which you can choose the type of premises (restaurant, bakery, delicatessen) and the kitchen (vege). In the filter you can also choose the most convenient time of meal reception.

Foodsi also has a filter, but there are only three options to choose from: closest, cheapest and fastest.

List of restaurants and the chance to buy a meal

Honestly, the list of restaurants offered by the Danish application includes some of my favorite places in Warsaw - Regina, Superiore, Evergreen, Stor etc. So after downloading the application I was waiting impatiently that I will find an offer from these premises.

On the first day of using Too Good To Go and refreshing the list of meals to sell, almost every now and then I could not find any offer from these restaurants. What's more, the list of establishments offering meals to sell is almost always empty. Sometimes 1-2 restaurants pops up, but after a few minutes the offers disappear. As a rule, you will not find any meal to buy in TGTG, unless you really refreshing the list for several hours (I did). Finally, at around 2:00 pm I was able to order the only meal at Pan Sushi.

Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of Foodsi is the availability of meals almost any time of the day. Although every day and it is usually 5-6 of the same premises, nevertheless you can count on that even at 10 am you can find something for a tooth in Rolls and Go Sushi or Kinga Krauz Buffet. By Foodsi, I managed to order dinner at Jungle Vegan Food and Craft Beer and it was delicious.

Prices in Foodsi and Too Good To Go

The height of meal prices in applications is more or less at the same level. TGTG offers food for example at PLN 12.99, while the regular price is PLN 40. I bought a sushi set for PLN 9.99, which normally cost PLN 22.99.

In Foodsi you can buy a meal for PLN 15 (regular price PLN 30). I ordered my meal for PLN 13, the normal price is around PLN 26.

The main drawback of both applications is the small number of restaurants

If you think that using the application is a great way to save the planet by offering meals from favorite restaurants for half the price, unfortunately I must disappoint you. The matter is that most of the food is wasted in these places off the beaten track, not in fancy spots in the city center.

I live in Mokotów and I have never been able to find a meal from a restaurant in the center or even about a 15-minute drive from my home. Arriving at the bus with 20 one-way stops to pick up the sushi, I kept telling myself that saving the planet and the contents of my wallet is worth it.

To collect a meal ordered by Foodsi, I spent over 2 hours on my way back and forth. Yes, both meals were delicious, but I decided that this option would rather suit those who live close to the premises that regularly offer food through the apps. For now, I only leave Too Good To Go on my smartphone and it's only because I still hope to finally get a meal with Regina or Stor ...

Enjoy your meal and do not waste food!

I checked Foodsi and Too Good To Go - trying to avoid wasting food


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