Huawei Mate X looks stunning in new photos. There are changes in the design

Huaweia Mate X's premiere has been postponed, but it seems that it will come out of the smartphone for good. The latest photos reveal several fixes in the device design.

The foldable smartphone Huawei Mate X was presented already in February this year, but it still has not hit the market. After Huawei's big problems, it was initially expected that Huawei Mate X would be canceled. The producer, however, postponed the release date to September, and in the meantime, the tense situation on the Trump line - Huawei managed to soften a bit. The premiere of Mate X is getting closer.

Huawei has been redesigned like Samsung Galaxy Fold.

New photos of Huaweia Mate X were added to the network. They were made by the Chinese technology journalist Li Wei, who managed to obtain a pre-production copy of a smartphone from Richard Yu, Huawei's CEO.

huawei mate x

Mate X looks absolutely phenomenal in the pictures. I have already forgotten how great this design can boast. You can also see news about the official graphics on the manufacturer's website.

huawei mate x

Firstly, the button used to open the smartphone has changed. It is now larger and has a red accent, like the Power button in the Huaweiu P30 Pro presented in the meantime.

huawei mate x

The latest version of the smartphone also clearly shows the fourth lens on the frame at the front of the device. In the official graphics in the place of the lens you can see a barely noticeable sensor. In the latest project, this "eye" is much more visible. We are probably dealing with the ToF (Time Of Flight) sensor, responsible for measuring depth in portraits.

huawei mate x

The English-speaking source also claims that some of the elements were made of carbon fiber. Fragments of the casing actually look as if they were made of this material, but in my opinion it is only an illusion caused by the reflection of the ceiling in black, strongly shiny elements. In the pictures with the screen, we also see the reflections of the ceiling with a characteristic pattern in a line.

The real question is: what has changed in the middle.

The main rival of Huaweia Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold , had to return to the design stage. As a result of problems with the hinge and screen, Samsung had to redesign these elements, which caused the release of the premiere in time.

Huawei also gained a few additional months, which - as you can see - he did not sleep. It is possible that, apart from visual changes, something changed in the design of the smartphone. Since the biggest rival took the time to benefit his device, Huawei probably did not sop his chance either.

Huawei Mate X is the most futuristic smartphone of 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a real power show. Two screens and six lenses indicate that the Folly was not spared. This smartphone will have everything that you can have on the mobile market in 2019. In turn, the Huawei Mate X seems to be a device designed much cleverer, without the multiplication of beings.

huawei mate x

huawei mate x huawei mate x huawei mate x

In Mate X we have one screen and one set of cameras. In addition to Galaxy Folda, we do not have any notes. It is this fact that makes the smartphone look so futuristic that it is unreal.

For a long time there has not been a smartphone that would evoke such excitement as Galaxy Fold and Mate X. Smartphones will be incredibly expensive, as both will cost about 10,000. but let's remember that this is the first generation of something completely new. We are getting a huge breath of fresh air on the mobile market, which recently begins to eat its own tail. Finally!

Huawei Mate X looks stunning in new photos. There are changes in the design


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