Here s the new version of Nintendo Switch! On the console programs much longer

Nintendo Switch has the first major update. And we are not looking for a poorer version of Lite , but for refreshing the essential parameters of the basic version of the console. It takes much longer on the new Switch.

It is quite normal that game console manufacturers are introducing new versions of the same generation of hardware. The first Xbox 360 did not even support HDMI, and in the current generation I've already bought ... three consoles, after refreshing. Such transfers are not mandatory: all games spent on the current generation of consoles will always work, even on the oldest models. But if you love the game and your console, how can you not be tempted by the streamlined version?

The most ardent fans of the Nintendo Switch console will soon become such a temptation. The base version of the console has a new version. Visually, it is identical, so finding it in the store can be a challenge. However, it is worth choosing it.

The new version of the Nintendo Switch will provide significantly longer battery life

nintendo switch new version

As Nintendo declares on the official product page of the Switch , the new version will differ from the old serial number and the battery life time. The number of the old console (model HAC-001) will start with the letters XAW. The number of the new console (model HAC-001 (-01)) will start with the letters XKW.

The new version of the console will provide much longer battery life from the first version of the Switch, and even from its Lite version (model HDH-001). The new version will allow us to have 5.5 hours of fun with Zelda: Breath of the Wild , while the old one will ask you to connect to the charger after three hours - as Nintendo declares.

So if you still have not bought the Switch, and you are considering it - wait a little longer. Refreshed versions of consoles are to be delivered to Europe around September.

Here's the new version of Nintendo Switch! On the console programs much longer


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