Heavy Rain: a classic that has been aging surprisingly well

Good stories do not have an expiration date.

I was afraid. I admit, I was afraid to play Heavy Rain. I remember very well how, 10 years ago, all my friends, relatives and rabbits told me to watch a short movie advertising this title and admire his insane graphics. I did not care if they were interested in games, whether they were interested in the stories of serial killers or whether they like the atmosphere that is heavy from the rain. They were to be delighted. I do not know how many times I saw him myself, much, enough to make Heavy Rain grow in my head to the rank of a legend game, a game I always wanted to play and never did.

When I found out that he was finally going to the PC (I do not have a console and never had one), I was scared. There are not much sadder things than to dispel children's illusions and see how the heroes of our youth turn into sad, mediocre, mouse-shy relics of the future. You already understand why I was fearfully downloading the game from the store, I unsteadily started it, and then I looked anxiously at the awakening hero. Now I know.

I was scared unnecessarily.

In Heavy Rain the story is the most important, and this one has aged well.

A serial killer has been in the city for years. He kidnaps each autumn and then melts the little boys. He leaves the orchid at the crime scene and puts the origami in the victim's hand. No one knows why, nobody knows what mysterious clues mean, no one knows where the last kidnapped boy is, the son of Ethan Mars, one of the main characters and ... the main suspects.

In the game, we are transformed into one of four characters who want to find a child before it is too late. Desperate father gets mysterious messages from the murderer. A young profiler from the FBI helps the local police in the investigation, using advanced equipment straight from sci-fi. A private detective employed by the victims' families is trying to gather information, occasionally giving him fists to steal from his fists. A journalist struggling with her own demons wants to help handsome Ethan, gathering materials for the future bestseller. Each of the heroes can die in various places in history.

The raining thunder in the background reminds you of the fleeing time at any moment.

In no way is this a perfect story, although I enjoyed it perfectly.

Heavy Rain can even be painfully faithful to the classic determinants of the genre. Sometimes you get the impression that the screenwriters just tick off the next points on the list of Important Features of the Dark Crime. Journalists navigating like seps in front of the victim's house - they are, a motel run by a slimy guy - there is a suspicious club with a gangster boss - he is an arrogant and brutal lieutenant - he is, only interested in the media of the superior - present.

The game alleviates this impression, cleverly moving between the protagonists and showing this story from their unique perspective, giving it individual features. Thanks to this, we can easily escape the holes in the story, which here and there take on quite large sizes (just before the end of work, Quantic Dream decided to change one of the main threads of the game.) Reminiscences of the old narrative have remained here but completely lost their sense). Less are also irritated by some heroes, or more accurately, Madison Page. I have solved the Origami Assassin puzzle, but I can not solve the issue of Leaving the Nightmarish Journalist in the Game, which gives the impression that it is in this story only to show how neatly you can make an asana move off your butt.

And how is the computer edition defending?

10 years ago, Heavy Rain's graphics were amazing. Although things have changed over the last decade, you can still play this title without washing your eyes in a bowl every 10 minutes. Sure, you can not expect visual fireworks, some textures need to be mercifully avoided, but the whole looks pretty decent. Maybe it's a matter of my low requirements (personal, because Heavy Rain hardware requirements are exorbitant), but I was positively surprised by the quality of the visuals of such an old title. Undoubtedly, it helps in their positive reception absolutely perfect music, which still accompanies the player.

The French studio is known for its preference for QTA and it is clearly visible in Heavy Rain. I went through some of the chapters using the mouse and keyboard, part of the controller. The control was quite tolerably transferred to the computer, although it was not without moments that checked the obsolescence of my dictionary of non-parliamentary words. Sometimes the heroes seem not to want to cooperate with us, and stupid frying scrambled eggs required about 10 approaches. Some of the more complex QTAs are harder to do on the keyboard, but not all of them. It happened to me with a rage to disconnect the controller, to be able to perform a specific sequence just with the mouse and tap on the keys.

Heavy Rain continues to defend after 10 years. If you have not had the opportunity to play this title, I sincerely recommend devoting a few nights to it, especially if you have a weakness for old detective stories.

Heavy Rain: a classic that has been aging surprisingly well


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