HASZTAG OF THE DAY: People write #jestemLGBT. And then they add "I am a pastor", "you pass me by every day", "I am setting you up for medical appointments" ...

Thousands of people provide their posts in social media with hashtags #jestemLGBT and #jestemzLGBT.

They show that they are ordinary people, not a Machiavellian ideology.

I am a girl who throws garbage in the same way as you do.
He buys raspberries at the market.
He gets up in the morning after the fifth alarm clock.
Which has no patience.
You pass me everyday. I live next to you.
I'm Lgbt. I am myself - she writes on instagram @ k2_liv.

Boy from the neighborhood, a girl you met during a walk with a dog, art teacher of your bubble and a hairdresser who always has a sticker for him as a reward for his patience. They all declare that they are LGBT and they want to show you that they do not bite, they are not scary, you know them for a long time, you like them, you admire their work and live next to them. Sometimes they lend you coffee sugar.

#jestemLGBT I am an evangelical (Calvinist) pastor, I teach people that God loves everyone, I give weddings to LGBT people - he wrote on Twitter @LiberalnyKalwi n

LGBT is not an abstract ideology, it's people who share common experiences.

The #jestemLGBT action is a chance for these mysterious people to stop being strangers and others from this strange abbreviation. They want to see them as a valuable part of society that is trying to find the right place in it and fighting for its rights.

hello #jestemlgbt and now I am arranging people for medical appointments as part of their insurance, calling me for help you do not know what orientation I am, but I know that I am here to help and never refuse to help the needy, even if you do not respect me for who I am - he explains on Twitter @lubiememy .

LGBT is not an ideology, fashion or seasonal style in the gaudy colors of the rainbow, but a collective term for people who differ from the majority of the population in sexual orientation or have a different gender identity than the one inscribed in the proof.

A day in the life of "LGBT ideology": I'm going to work filled to the brim with a tram, I'll work, I'll go home, make dinner for myself and my girlfriend, then I will go to Italian language classes, I'll come back, take a shower, read a book and go to sleep - declares on Twitter @snufkingirl .

A large part of posts belong to young people, and even very young people. If after the events in Bialystok someone thought that the future looks gloomy, he can look at Twitter or Instagram and type #jestemLGBT. From this perspective, the future of the country is drawn in more rainbow colors. And if you like the action and want to support it, then the new hashtag is beginning to trend - #jestemzLGBT.

HASZTAG OF THE DAY: People write #jestemLGBT. And then they add "I am a pastor", "you pass me by every day", "I am setting you up for medical appointments" ...


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