Great smoke about "Smogue". Parody of the "Vogue Polska" cover used at the exhibition without the knowledge of the authors

As we read in the official statement of the organizers of the exhibition "Dangerous intakes. 100 years of fashion photography in Poland "," it was not possible to determine the copyrighted persons ". The authors have found themselves and will not leave this matter without explanation. It's their manifesto. Cautionary.

The Institute of Photography Fort in Warsaw organized in cooperation with Vogue Polska a loud exhibition entitled "Dangerous shots. 100 years of fashion photography in Poland . " The goal of this event is to show the changes that have taken place in Polish fashion photography since 1918. Personally, I did not have the opportunity to visit this exhibition, but it promises to be really interesting. From what I see on the web, it enjoys a lot of popularity and attention. Now it will be louder. Why?

The author of one of the photos about its use learned by accident from the Internet.

The exhibition featured many photographs, including (as it turned out later) also the photograph of "Smogue", whose authors are Daria Góźdź, Aneta Zawadzka, Gabriela Lisowska, Krzysztof Kardaś and Grzegorz Łach. The three ladies mentioned here, and also those posing in the picture, are the authors of the "The Vintage Dolls" profile . These people learned about their participation in the exhibition ... by accident on Instagram. They decided to write about the whole issue only now.

More than two weeks ago, a person who has been watching us on Instagram with congratulations wrote to us. Our photo #Smogue has been posted on the exhibition Dangerous shots. 100 years of fashion photography in Poland Exhibition organized by the Institute of Photography Fort in Warsaw. It is an exhibition showing the development of Polish fashion over the last century. The exhibition runs from July 5 to September 12 and is very loud in the media (6 pages of articles on Google from leading Polish fashion magazines and local Warsaw portals + over 2,000 interested in the event on Facebook). No wonder - the partners of this venture include Vogue Polska, Reserved, Huawei Enterprise Polska and Mercedes-Benz Poland. At the vernissage, which took place on July 4, hundreds of people appeared, including people known in the fashion world, such as Anna Kuczyńska or Katarzyna Sokołowska (photos from the event are available on the Institute's profile on Instagram). We also read a few thanks from various artists (including those whose photos were on display) for the invitation to the vernissage. Meanwhile, we, the fact that our picture with our image was posted and exposed to public view, we learned by accident on Instagram - write the authors of the profile of "The Vintage Dolls" on Facebook.

"Smogue" was created as an answer to the first cover of the Vogue Polska magazine . As you probably remember, parodies or original photos in the style of the original frame by Jurgen Teller flooded Facebook. This is a sign of the times, which "Smogue", as well as many other photographs maintained in this climate, is a symbol. No wonder that the creators of the exhibition reached for such a photograph. It is strange, however, that the photos were used without the knowledge of its creators. It has also not been signed - the signature only says "hundreds of modifications on the internet".

Dear Sirs, you used for commercial purposes a picture of our authorship without our knowledge, consent and, what's more - without placing any signature under it. Thus you have violated our copyright, illegally used our image, used our work for commercial purposes, and also broke the right to mark the work by the name of the creator. Due to the fact that the matter does not concern a school newspaper or a poviat non-profit exhibition, and one of the most known temporary exhibitions in Warsaw, after collecting the documentation and taking photos, we contacted our lawyer. The letter we have written should reach you at the Institute of Photography's address tomorrow, not later than on Thursday morning. We hope that you agree to the terms of the settlement and that we will not have to meet in the courtroom. Of course we are prepared for any eventuality. We are shocked that the curators of the exhibition - Mrs. Aleksandra Jatczak-Repeć and Mr. Michał Suchora, responsible for the selection of photographs and eagerly speaking about the exhibition in the media, that they used "private archives" and "online content", committed such negligence - the authors write photos on the "The Vintage Dolls" profile.

Fort has dug in and says that "it was not possible to determine the copyrighted persons."

After describing the whole matter by the authors of the photographs, the Institute of Photography Fort issued an official statement . Reading them, I rubbed my eyes in surprise. Here's a fragment.

In the case of the song "SMOGUE", it was not possible to determine the persons authorized and, in particular, the forms shown in the photograph due to the impossible identification of the face of the characters that have been covered. On commonly available websites, where the work is published, it is not possible to identify the above-mentioned creators, therefore for this reason, the internet creators indicated the internet as a source for obtaining the work, which was also widely communicated in the information activities undertaken.

The organizers' logic is simple. They could not recognize who is in the picture, so they signed the creators as "internet" . It is true that the picture has become extremely popular and probably the organizers knew them mainly on pages with memes or in miles of galleries of various Polish Presse portals. There, in fact, no one signed them. It was enough, however, to enter the word "Smogue" in Google, so that at the end of the first page of the results you will find a post from February 24, 2018, which was published on ... the "The Vintage Dolls" profile .

As other famous memes say, but with the possibility of finding a person in the picture: "Morzna? Morzna. "

For comment on the whole matter, we asked Jakub Kralka, the editor-in-chief of

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that the message of the Institute of Photography Fort is embarrassing, it is falling classic. " Source: internet ", and also refers not to legal arguments, but a little (but only a little) more sophisticated form "I have an exhibition horom." There are many indications that there may have been a violation of property rights and personal copyrights of graphic designers, but I do not prejudge it unambiguously because I did not have the tablet in my hands. I must admit that I have two creative interpretations of the situation that could work for the Institute, but I do not know all the details, and besides, the magician does not reveal his tricks in public and it should be objectively assumed that there has been a violation - comments Jakub Kralka with and

Is it all because of the Warsaw smog?

Why did not the creators of the exhibition anticipate such a scenario? They did not predict that the authors of the pictures will find themselves, sooner or later, and then they will demand their rights? I have been working in the media for over a dozen years. I have been running a large website about photography for 9 years. At that time, I learned for myself that the recipients of our activities are not idiots. Errors occur and are pointed out. You have to put the ego in your pocket, apologize, fix the mistake, learn to not repeat these mistakes later.

If something is good and popular, then people comment, read and watch. The exhibition "Dangerous shots. 100 years of fashion photography in Poland "is considered by some to be one of the best photographic exhibitions of the year. People write about it, share photos, articles. Did the organizers not assume such popularity? Did they think nobody would find out? Or maybe it was just missing one person that someone else did not check?

I know one thing - you should not use photos without the knowledge of its author, unless he agrees. If this simple rule was followed by the organizers of the exhibition, the whole matter would not happen. In the statement of the Institute of Photography, Fort goes in, he thinks nothing has happened. Apologizes, but not the authors of the pictures, and ... their partners. Of course it happened. And this is another thing that surprises me in this whole matter - why the organizers do not sprinkle their heads with ash, apologize, come out with the initiative to the creators, will they get along? Perhaps he owes everything to the Warsaw smog they breathe in?

PS. The "Smogue" photo was used with the permission of the authors.

Great smoke about "Smogue". Parody of the cover of "Vogue Polska" used at the exhibition without the knowledge of the authors


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