Google will pay $ 13 million. compensation for mass eavesdropping. The giant is very lucky

Google eavesdropping street view

In 2010, an affair broke out, which changed my opinion about Google forever. It turned out that the company uses Street View cars to eavesdrop on Internet broadcasts. Now the case has its final finale.

I understand that there is no free dinner. I understand the essence of a business model in which I am tracked and analyzed in exchange for access to digital services. Anyway, after he thus settled with many, like most of you. However, there are certain limits. Implicit robbing me of privacy against the rules set by both parties is the moment when trust is violated.

And Google has managed to break this confidence with a huge boost . This was not because of the exceptionally sophisticated processing of the collected data, and the very fact of collecting them. In addition to Google services. And in fact, it is also outside the world of the Internet.

Almost a decade ago, eavesdropping cars were roaming the streets. I mean those from Street View.

It came to light that the cars that took pictures of the Google Street View service also eavesdropped on wireless networks. And so they not only took pictures but also recorded transmissions from open wireless networks. Including credit card details, e-mail addresses, passwords or private conversations. The fact is that the use of open networks exposes us to eavesdropping by any slightly more technically clever person. Google, however, should have higher ethical standards than a home-grown hacker.

After the case came to light, Google did what he had to do. He publicly apologized, destroyed the data and gave himself entirely to the authorities, fully cooperating with them. As an explanation why the cars to photograph the area were recording data from network transmissions, the work of an engineer working on an experimental project concerning Wi-Fi network, whose source code was mistakenly found in the apparatus of the said cars, was given.

The investigation of the Federal Communications Commission showed something else. The work of an anonymous engineer did not go to Street View cars by accident. His place of employment was the Street View department, and his work was documented and approved by his superiors.

After nine years, the sentence was passed. There will not be a multi-billion dollar penalty, and a several-million-dollar settlement.

I am describing her to Bloomberg . "The largest eavesdropping scandal in the history of the United States" will end with a donation from Google of $ 13 million. This money, as investigated by Bloomberg's editor, will not go to most of the victims. Most of them will go to organizations that work to protect privacy. In addition, Google is to destroy all the data obtained this way and to engage in the education of Internet users about online privacy.

As Bloomberg notes, the compensation amount is less than one sixth of the daily net income of Alphabet, the owner of Google. In other words, the company will quickly make up for the loss. Probably she did it faster than I wrote this text.

Truth be told, I am not worried about the relatively low amount. I am not a lawyer, perhaps those representing the victims had no basis in the regulations to negotiate more. Still, I am interested in my private, nomen omen, interest. I have already decided how much trust I want to give to a company that combines as much as it can to collapse more data when I'm not looking.

Google will pay $ 13 million. compensation for mass eavesdropping. The giant is very lucky


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