Google deeply believes in Stadia, but I do not want the service to be a Netflix for games

Internet users had a unique opportunity to get the director of the Google Stadia product through the reddit AMA. Questions, as you can guess, did not run out. But the answers were also interesting.

Google Stadia is another service on the market that offers games in the streamlined model. This means that as part of such a service the games are processed in the data center of the service provider, to us via the Internet the final result (ie image and sound, while maintaining full interactivity). This means that a cheap tablet or a netbook is enough to play even the most eager video game.

The problem is that video games require a perfect network connection. Otherwise, there is the phenomenon of input lag , and therefore the delayed reaction of the game to pressing buttons on the pad by the player. This phenomenon makes playing a highly uncomfortable experience. Stadia is not the first such service on the market. Sony and Nvidia offer similar products, both without major commercial successes. And the company that first introduced such a product onto the market is not even there. She went bankrupt a long time ago.

However, Google deeply believes in Stadia. Although he is worried about comparisons with Netfliks.

Netflix and Stadia use a similar concept when it comes to technical solutions. However, when it comes to access to content, they differ fundamentally. Netflix makes its entire offer available in exchange for a subscription fee. We only play games on Stadia if we buy them, but Stadia will also offer a subscription fee.

Looking at the large number of questions on the reddit AMA with the creators of the Stadia, not everyone seems to understand. That's why Andrey Doronichev, Product Manager at Google Stadia, decided to communicate (on some issues a second time) how it will look.

We will buy Stadia games on exactly the same principle as games for Xbox or PlayStation consoles. Stadia itself will be a free service, although you can pay for its Pro version. This paid one will provide users with higher resolution (4K with HDR), 5.1 surround sound, promise of discounts on the purchase of selected games and at least one game per month as a gift - the first of them will be Destiny 2.

What additional services will be at Stadia?

First of all, there will be a system similar to Achievements or Trophies (symbolic rewards for achieving something unusually good in a given game). However, it will not be ready for the premiere service, it will appear at a later date. There will also be an interface to buy games and features that enable communication with other players. And that's it. Although, of course, the service will be enriched after its premiere with new features.

It is still unclear what will happen if in the future, for some reason, Stadia makes his life. What about purchased games? Google representative clearly avoided the answer, indicating that the market is changing, and that we are also buying movies and music digitally. And that through Google Takeout with Stadia we will download our personal data related to the service, including saved game states. And that once bought the game remains ours within the service. So that we lose this game if the platform is closed?

From technical curiosities:

  • Dedicated stage gamepad does not support sound via Bluetooth. However, the HID-compliant controllers are compatible with Stiga, so if one offers such a function, you can use it
  • At the beginning there will be no support for non-standard resolutions, hence other than HD, Full HD and Ultra HD. Holders of ultrapanoramic displays will have to count on adding it in the future
  • In Stadia there will be support for game modes. In the uncertain future

It is still not clear if Stadia will be available in Poland on the day of the premiere. For now, it seems very doubtful.

Google deeply believes in Stadia, but I do not want the service to be a Netflix for games


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