Good morning, here is a billion dollars - this is how Apple bought the 5G modem department from Intel

Apple confirmed rumors circulating on the Internet. The 5G modem department from Intel will soon pass into the hands of the iPhone manufacturer. The same department, which in principle never achieved anything on the mobile market. The last thing you can suspect about Apple is stupidity.

A few days ago we informed about rumors that Apple is trying to take over 5G modems from Intel. These proved to be in line with reality - Apple confirmed them by sending a press release to the media. The company is taking over most of Intel's phone resources, for which it will pay a round one billion dollars.

However, it is highly doubtful that Apple would like to take over Intel due to its supposedly excellent integrated circuits for phones. The American manufacturer of processors clearly can not cope on the mobile market, nor did it manage to design a 5G modem for the iPhone in a reasonable time. So why is Apple buying it?

Apple took over Intel for $ 1 billion. The biggest treasure seems to be patents related to 5G connectivity.

Intel's inefficiency on 5G modems is not Apple's only problem. Qualcomm, one of the leaders on the integrated circuit market for the ultra-mobile market, currently has a very fighting mood. The company uses its business advantage and sues competitors for violating its intellectual property. Apple also got into a dispute with the producer of Snapdragon processors - fortunately for both sides this ended with an agreement . Nobody, however, said it was a permanent truce. And not one Qualcomm can use lawyers as a weapon.

Intel, whether or not it is successful, owns a huge number (17,000) of patents related to 5G networks and telecommunications. And it is them, not the Intel integrated circuits or inherited with the acquisition of 2.2 thousand. Intel's employees seem to be the greatest treasure here. The next time when Apple will try to jump Qualcomm or his similar company, the aggressor had to seriously think about it first.

Intel will continue to create modems for PCs and Internet of Things devices. Acquisition of the telephone department by Apple is expected to be finalized by the end of this year.

Good morning, here is a billion dollars - this is how Apple bought the 5G modem department from Intel


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