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Facebook has taken the next step in convincing us how well it is

Facebook improves the tools for curious users. Now we will find out what information the website displays for the given ad, but also where this information comes from.

The paths of advertising algorithms can be unexplored and surprising. For some reason unknown to me, the Google advertising network has been trying to persuade me for a better time to get to know Jesus from Nazareth (less than 4,000 km from you). Facebook wants to convince me that instead of working from home, I should pack toys and move to the coworking zone.

Why I see this ad on Facebook .

Since the beginning of the year, a lot has changed regarding the ads on Facebook. The company has introduced a solution that allows you to check yourself why we display these, and not other sponsored posts. Now this option is to be even richer in information. It is a pity that there is still little of this in practice.

The information that Facebook displays to us is, quite reasonably, quite general. I have the impression that the company tried very hard to have such a tool, just to show how transparent it is. Its quality or value remained a secondary matter. It may be a pretty harsh assessment, but if after clicking the ad I find out that I see it because, first of all, I am similar to the company's clients - I do not learn anything about what information about me was used in the targeting process. Additional information, saying that the advertisement is directed to "people living in Poland and 18 or older" is simply ridiculous. Well, boldly, add that I have at least one arm and leg, it will be just as specific.

Why do I see this ad and where I have this information about you.

Now why I see this ad is supposed to offer a bit more useful information. First of all, there should be more of them, secondly, Facebook has to inform, where he has data about us, which helped him to track us. Among them may be sites that we liked and which indicate our interests, but also the sites on which is posted tracking our network Pixel Facebook traffic. I appreciate this movement, although I am rather cautious with enthusiasm.

In Advertising Preferences, a new tab "Advertisers and companies" appeared in which you can check, among other things, which companies provided the list with our data to Facebook. The richer I can see, we can scratch the nose with a smarter face. And that's it.

Facebook , as he points out on the blog, will be kind to show two or three most important reasons why we see a given advertisement, which means that a large part of them will still be hidden from us. It will also show who uses Pixel, give a list of companies that give him data about us, but it will not help us much. Facebook will not do one thing - it will not allow us to get out of your network in an easy way. Because this is not about how annoying ads will be displayed to us, but about why everyone suddenly knows that I am just looking for a new oven.

The next step in convincing us how good it is.

Since the beginning of the year, Mark Zuckerberg has been doubling up to convince us that Facebook is not at all bad, how they paint it. This is the next episode of the campaign to prove everyone that everything is under control and control of users. Is not.

The vast majority of the company's revenues come from advertisements. In this model, we, our time and our profiles are the product that Facebook sells. The social platform did a lot to deserve this opinion of the Evil One, and I hope that it will have to do a lot more to lose it.

Facebook has taken the next step in convincing us how well it is

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