End of impunity. $ 14 million penalties for the initiation of an Internet journalist by a neo-Nazis

Over $ 14 million is to pay the Daily Stormer publisher for unleashing an online campaign. The penalty for neo-Nazis is to deter other online frustrats.

In 2016, in the pages of the Daily Stormer , a side considered to be extreme even by some neo-nazis, Andrew Anglin urged his readers to harass the Tanaya Gersh family. The storm that followed it destroyed the life of a woman and her 12-year-old son.

$ 14 million for the campaign for the privilege.

It was supposed to be a retaliation. On the woman in particular and on Jews in general. Tanaya Gersh, a real estate agent, was to push her mother Richard Spencer, the founder of the American Nazi Party, to sell her building. The woman refused and described the situation on the internet. Anglin decided to avenge her.

In December he published the home address, telephone number, twitter address of 12-year-old son Tanaya Gersh and their picture stuck in the background of the Auschwitz camp. The article encouraged readers to phone, write and give in all ways to know that they had had enough of their Jewish propaganda. Brave internet warriors rushed into a holy war with a woman and a child. Sam Daily Stormer has published as many as 30 articles to persuade them to abuse them.

Tanaya Gersh and her family were flooded with death threats, hateful messages and deaf phones. They collected about 700. The woman had to give up her job. In 2017, she sued England.

Persecution on the web can still be done too easily and too often with impunity.

Anglin is to pay $ 14 million. Gersh. 4 million as compensation for losses suffered and 10 million as retaliatory damages. In addition, he is to remove any mention of Gersh and her family from her website.

This is not the first punishment for the founder of The Daily Stormer. Just a month ago, the court ordered Anglin to pay over $ 4 million. for accusing the comedian Dean Obeidallah of organizing a terrorist attack in Manchester during the concert of Ariana Grande.

The judgment must still be approved. According to American law suggested by judge Jeremiah C. Lynch, the punishment must be approved by a state judge, Dana L. Christensen. Even then, however, it is not known whether it will be enforced. The brave warrior of the white race hides abroad and from there chews, stirs up and conducts hysterical actions. I hope that the appropriate services will manage to reach it anyway.

Persecution in the network can not pass dry, it can not go unpunished. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is not so much the amount of punishment as its inevitability. And it is her who primarily decides the effectiveness of possible deterrence.

End of impunity. $ 14 million penalties for the initiation of an Internet journalist by a neo-Nazis


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