Each of these discs was once a piece of electronics. Here are the official medals of Tokyo 2020, made of electro-waste

It's been another year since the start of the Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. On this occasion, the organizers presented medals that will hang on the necks of athletes. Nothing special, if it were not for the fact that each of these medals was once an electronic device.

What can you do with 78985 tons of electronic waste, including 6.2 million phones?

Well, according to official reports, the whole mountain of waste probably would not even be included in statistics, because - according to the report for 2017 - only 20 percent. all electro-waste is subject to documentation and recycling. In total, we produce more than 45 million tonnes per year.

Olympic Committee of the Tokyo Games found a better application for used smartphones, computers and other electronics - it turned them into Olympic medals.


The Tokyo 2020 medals come from recovery.

Of these 78985 tonnes of electro-waste, 4100 kg of silver, 2700 kg of bronze and 30 kg of gold were recovered, which were then used to cast medals with a diameter of 85 mm.

Tokyo 2020 medals

Brown discs made of bronze, consisting of 95 percent. copper and 5 percent. with zinc. Silver was made of pure silver, and gold of gold-plated silver.

The author of the project is Junichi Kawanishi, and the electro-waste necessary for its implementation was provided by the inhabitants of Japan .

Tokyo 2020 medals

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be unique to the world of new technologies.

Even if someone is not a sports fan, he should not pass by Tokyo 2020 indifferently. It is the next year's Olympic Games that will be the first event to be broadcast in 8K resolution . Therefore, all industries related to the production and consumption of content are double and tough to present us with new cameras, televisions and clever data transmission technologies that will enable us to track sporting struggles in unprecedented quality.

Through the Tokyo 2020 medals, it will also become a symbol of the fight against environmental pollution generated by modern electronics. Because let's agree - in the scale of 45 million tons of electro-waste generated annually, these less than 76 thousand. tons are just a drop in the sea. However, medals bring a powerful message to the world: if the most efficient people in the world can wear a recycled medal around their necks, you can apply yourself to the segregation of rubbish and their reprocessing.

Like a small thing, but I'm sure it will last for many years.

Each of these discs was once a piece of electronics. Here are the official medals of Tokyo 2020, made of electro-waste


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