EA Access on PlayStation 4 reminded me a bit about the magical times of CD-Action demos

My discovery of the passing week is EA Access debuting on PlayStation 4 .

PLN 15 a month is symbolic money, but now I know that I am going to get into a year-long subscription. Its cost, PLN 80, is exactly PLN 6.66 per month. Probably the cheapest subscription for any major digital services on a larger scale.

I will add, immodestly, that this is a subscription under me.

You must know that I am EAteist. Sometimes (blogger, Spider's Web) I get FIFA for free, but in general I have a gigantic problem remembering when I last bought the game of this studio. And I'm talking not only about created but also released productions. It will probably be Dragon Age: the Inquisition. Game of the year 2014.

These are not, of course, bad games, but in the face of my taste and the increasingly tight calendar, for many years we are not on our way. Perhaps, moreover, EA is aware that it has become a moloch mass producing blockbusters in episodes that grab the wallets, but not necessarily hearts, and thus EA Access.

PLN 80 annually

80 zlotys a year are not a big income from the perspective of a console game publisher. The equivalent of several years of the game, which just went to the sale.

At the same time, it is the first 80 zlotys from me that has been put into the EA portfolio for five years. What's more, only today I have persuaded you to subscribe to two more colleagues.

Well, who at the age of 31, without being a professional game expert, has time to play something like Star Wars Battlefront. Fatal reviews to the extent that even online stores themselves advise against buying. But, chicken, it's Star Wars on the other hand. It would be fun to play for one afternoon. And, it would be even nicer to check if you can still drown Sims in The Sims 4 by taking them a ladder.

EA Access brings to mind a CD from Action from 20 years ago.

There, demos were thrown in, usually a lot of crap, but even this crap could drag and play with something original for a few hours. Of course, it also happened to discover, for example, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, thrown in casually and without a special echo among the dem, which soon became a huge hit.

Apart from the fun and testing of medium games, from my perspective, a kind of "dealmaker" is included in the EA Sports games catalog. FIFA 19, as FIFA - in our country at the same time plays and institution. Almost everyone has it. But there was always a huge problem with the availability and prices of the NBA and NHL. Especially the latter game was in Poland with a negligible demand, it was not really cheaper, or even a year after the premiere orbited around 200 zlotys. And that's a lot for a game you want to "play" twice.

At the same time, PLN 6.66 per month is very little for a whole pack of games, better and worse, which you want to play two or more times.

New Mirror's Edge, Unravel, UFC - I've always wanted to play it. Not enough to buy, but since I have legal access to them ...

The existence of the EA Access service is unfortunately a brutal compromise of EA itself, which probably became aware of the games it creates. But it is also a very good deal for us players. I accept your offer.

EA Access on PlayStation 4 reminded me a bit about the magical times of CD-Action demos


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