Do not buy the iPhone 11. Only the models from 2020 will make sense

My iPhone 8 Plus from September 2017 is scratched, cracked and scare with giant frames. Apple, however, can not encourage me to buy a new smartphone. Against the background of Chinese technological sharks, Tim Cook is so slow and conservative that an interesting iPhone will appear on the market no faster than in 2020. With good winds.

For some of my editorial colleagues, buying a new iPhone is a behavioral addiction. They faint, sweat, their hands shake until they submit a pre-premiere order for the latest product line with apples on casings. They have it every year. I also show some weakness for Apple - mainly due to the great working environment of many devices - although since 2017 I have not bought any new iPhone. It's not about budget and prices, it's about what the company has to offer.

Against the background of technology sharks from Asia, the iPhone is simply boring. Well, a little backward.

Apple's smartphones have many advantages, but they certainly can not be described as innovative. The nasty bends are called American notes, amusing against a completely frameless competition. The company still has not absorbed the fingerprint reader under the surface of the entire screen.

The new smartphones enter the era of 5G chips and 120 Hz screens, while Apple is likely to serve the same displays in 2019 every 12 months . Chinese competition outclasses the whole line of the iPhone in the category of night photographs, and in many cases also standard mobile photography. Holders of iPhones another year can not ask for such basic, so fundamental slot today like USB-C.

All signs in the sky and earth are shouting to me that I should buy the iPhone only in 2020.

If rumors from reliable sources prove to be true, the iPhone 11 will be the next version of the smartphone, which I will forgive without regret. If we give faith to the leaks from factories and companies producing subassemblies, the iPhone will become interesting only in 2020. Why? For me there are three main reasons to refrain from buying:

Module 5G. A few days ago, Apple paid a large (though still very profitable) money for Intel 5G . In this way, the company has gained a number of innovations and patents regarding the new generation of wireless network. Thanks to this, Apple may try to create its own 5G module, and also has a stronger negotiating position with Asian 5G modem manufacturers (patents).

2019 is the period when 5G technology can be realistically used through the first flagships. Of course, not in Poland, where only a dozen or so test access points still work. It does not change the fact that the time between 2020 and 2021 will be the moment of opening the gates to the 5G standard. We can be sure that the iPhone 11 will not carry us through these gates. If the iPhone gets support for the 5G standard, it's the fastest in 2020. On the Chinese components, because according to experts, even the purchase of Intel's mobile wing will not let Apple develop its proprietary 5G solution faster than in 2022 .

Goodbye notch! Modern smartphones embarrasses the iPhone with a lack of frames and bends. Some models have small islands with front cameras mounted on the screen, while other devices have rotating or retractable cameras. The competition even showed cameras sewn directly into the screen . Putting on Face ID, Apple is somehow forced to use a nasty notch. Perhaps you can get used to it. Some sectarians even claim that she liked the bend. The truth is simple:

The future of smartphones is 100%. screen in the screen, no distractions.

iPhone is expected to get closer to this goal in 2020. According to reports from verified sources, Apple will then offer three devices in completely new dimensions: 6.7, 6.1 and 5.4 in. It is highly likely that each of these displays will be high quality OLED. Even in the cheapest version, corresponding to the iPhone XR from 2018.

However, information about notes is more interesting than the diagonals. In models from 2020, this one is finally to be removed or sensibly narrowed. We still do not know what solution Apple will ultimately decide. Much depends on what will be the basic method of securing your identity in the models from 2020. And here we come to the next point ...

Face ID is supposed to be great, but I want Touch ID . My editorial colleagues claim that face ID verification is fast, effective, intuitive and reliable . I have no reason to disbelieve them. However, as a consumer who has become accustomed to fingerprint security, I simply do not want to change the solution to newer ones. I've been using Touch ID for years and the protection works great. Is it for unlocking devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) or for contactless payments.

It is an open secret that Apple decided on Face ID, because acoustic fingerprint readers placed under the screens did not meet the quality standards expected by the company. None of the component manufacturers was able to offer a screen reader as fast, effective and accurate as the Touch ID technology . However, from 2018 a lot has changed. More and more flagships have high-quality acoustics under the displays. It may not work perfectly, but it certainly works very well. They are not yet the gold standard, but by 2020 they can definitely remain.

Analysts of the mobile market with a fairly reliable reputation indicate that Apple will put acoustic readers in their smartphones from 2020 or 2021. If the user could then choose between Touch ID and Face ID, I would be very pleased. An interesting option would be a variant of protection for paranoids, where you first attach your finger to the screen, and then your face is scanned. Such a procedure would certainly increase the overall level of security.

No frames, no notch, with Touch ID and 5G module - I'm buying this iPhone in the dark.

I can even handle this nasty island with three or four lenses that Apple intends to install on his smartphones since 2019. For me, however, the most important is the 100% clean screen, return to the Touch ID and open up to 5G. If Tim Cook meets these three conditions, I take his smartphone blind. I place a pre-premiere order, I throw banknotes on the screen, the price does not matter. All signs in the sky and earth indicate, however, that in 2019 I will not get such a device . Instead, it will be boring.

The iPhone from 2020 will be the most interesting model for years. The most beautiful one, at least from the front. I wonder how many people look at it in a similar way to mine. If there are many of us, the iPhone 11 will be another model that will not meet the company's sales expectations. It's hard to make it happen, since all the best, Apple put away for later.

Do not buy the iPhone 11. Only the models from 2020 will make sense


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