Do not be surprised. mBank introduces big changes in the way of logging into the transaction website

On September 14, mBank will introduce important changes regarding how to log in to the transaction website. An information campaign has started to prepare customers for new ones.

"Do not be surprised" - with this slogan, mBank informs about changes in the login and authorization process that will take place from September 14th. Clients receive messages on the transaction website with a short review of the changes and a link to the article which thoroughly discusses all the new products. The bank explains that the changes are related to the adaptation of the PSD2 to the EU directive.

No more with simple login to the transaction website.

It is interesting, but the greatest controversy arouses among users changes in the way of logging into the transaction website. This is particularly evident in the comments under the texts on this subject. "It will be harder" - such a conclusion is made by users, forgetting at the same time that it should be at the same time safer.

Currently, to log in to the transaction website through a browser, you only need to enter your login and password. From September, users will be asked for additional security: it will be an SMS password or mobile authorization by the application.

If you want to log in faster, there will be a third option - remembering the browser, to which mBank encourages:

It's a big convenience, we encourage you to take advantage of it. All you need to do is click on our transaction website (see below for what it looks like) and confirm it with a text message or mobile authorization.

This mechanism is obviously known for a long time and used by many websites.

It is important that the way of logging into the mobile application will not change.

Mobile authorization using a dedicated mBank Token application.

Mobile authorization will take place not only from the mBank app for smartphones and tablets, as it is now, but also from the dedicated mBank Token application. The software will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Mobile authorization will be available on all devices on which we have installed and activated the application.

mBank points out that it is not only about convenience, but also about security - because the authorization notification will be available on many devices, so you can cancel it, for example if the phone fell into the wrong hands and the thief somehow was able to log in for application.

What other changes are waiting for mBank customers?

The method of activating the mobile application will change. mBank will be able to ask for codes to the recently installed application, passwords for the transaction service or selected digits from the payment card.

From September 14, a light version of the transaction service will be available at . mBank wants customers to use the mobile application.

mBank also reminds that in connection with the requirements of the PSD2 directive, we may be more likely to provide a PIN code for proximity card transactions . This also applies to transactions below PLN 50. The PSD2 directive introduces a change to the PIN authorization guidelines. This is to be done every fifth transaction or faster if we exceed the 150 eur limit.

Do not be surprised. mBank introduces big changes in the way of logging into the transaction website


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