Blink twice to activate the zoom in the eyes. New contact lenses work like this


Stories from Cyberpunk, Deus Ex and Black Mirror still in our lifetime? Very likely. Contact lenses have been created that allow the image to be zoomed.

Researchers at the University of San Diego have developed a new type of contact lens. It might seem that everything was possible about the lenses, but scientists are opening up a completely new world before them, adding electronics.

In this way, lenses have been created enabling the image to be zoomed. It's like the optical zoom in the eyes.

The contact lens with zoom works on a fairly simple principle. Researchers filled the space of the lens with a clear liquid. Under the influence of electrical impulses, the walls of the lens can change their shape to which the fluid will fit in. By choosing the shape in the right way, you can simulate the optical zoom action.

contact lens with zoom

This is not a new technology, because lenses with liquid lenses have been known for a long time and have been used in the industrial sector, for example in bar code readers and sensors that read biometric data. These types of lenses are flat, but still allow you to change the focus or change the angle of view. Instead of the arrangement of many lenses, we have one variable shape element here.

However, it takes power to change shape, and where to get it ... on the eyeball?

Here we come to the heart of the innovation of the San Diego scientists. They used the fact that the human eye has an electrical potential between the front and back panels. Electrogulographic signals (EOG) have been used to extract the energy necessary to change the shape of the lens. Thus, our body, specifically the eye, powers the lens.

If the idea sounds too futuristic at this stage, the scientists have one more ace up their sleeve. The use they invented for the lens is optical zoom. The lens becomes an additional element in the vision system, changing the field of view of the eye.

Still not enough? Scientists have managed to force a change in the shape of the lens by blinking the eye. I will write it literally: a double blink of the eye activates the zoom.

The project sounds futuristic, but let's remember that in 2015 a very similar idea was created, although based on a different principle.

An international team of scientists in 2015 created contact lenses that activate image magnification by blinking the eye. Seemingly, it sounds identical to a new idea, but the technology behind this invention was completely different.

contact lens with zoom

Researchers built a set of rings in the lens to reflect the light in the right way. The rings could slide relative to each other, which caused a change in the angle of view. The whole was so much more complicated, and the system required using glasses that detected blinks.

The main problem with this design was the thickness of the lenses. In addition, after enlarging the image, the outer ring obscured part of the field of view, so that the user had the impression that he was watching the world through a small hole.

contact lens with zoom

The new design seems to be much more forward-looking, just like the technology of liquid lenses. Will it enter production and will it be used in everyday life? Nobody knows the answer to this question yet, but we can dream about how great the possibilities of optical zoom in the eyes will be. Who knows, maybe the next step will be the camera built directly in the eyeball?

Blink twice to activate the zoom in the eyes. New contact lenses work like this


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