BlaBlaCar launches BlaBlaBus in Poland. For a change, FlixBus is about to start FlixCar

The well-known brand BlaBlaCar is launching a new service for Polish residents - BlaBlaBus at the end of September. The offer is already used by residents of other European cities. German carrier FlixBus is not panicking, but is also preparing to launch a new service.

The French company BlaBlaCar , which connects passengers with car drivers traveling to other cities and even countries, at the turn of September and October launches a new bus transport service in Poland - BlaBlaBus, informs Rzeczpospolita .

Michał Pawelec, country manager of BlaBlaCar in Poland, said that this is a big step in the development of the company's platform. The ambition of the team is to provide a wide range of transport services combining shared passenger cars and regular bus connections.

BlaBlaBus drives in Europe. He will go in Poland

Today, buses of a French company serve passengers in the cities of France, the Benelux countries, Germany and Italy. By the end of the summer, BlaBlaBus buses will be available, including to Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Milan and Bergamo. Company representatives inform that new connections will be added every month.

BlaBlaBus currently supports over 300 destinations, this number should increase to 400 by the end of this year. Poland is the fifth market where BlaBlaBus will launch its operations. Thus, the French company challenges the German passenger transport leader in Poland - FlixBus.

PKS Polonus is a potential partner of BlaBlaBus in Poland

It is known that the French company is negotiating cooperation with the Polish PKS Polonus carrier. Thanks to this, BlaBlaBus will get access to the fleet of national carrier buses, which has 151 coaches. In France, BlaBlaBus cooperates with local carriers such as Voyages Duclos, Coimbra or LVIT, and in Germany - Touring Tours & Travel, To Europe or Honer Touristik.

The representative of BlaBlaBus explains that the concept of coach transport and BlaBlaCar is the same - filling empty seats in vehicles.

FlixBus adopts the opposite strategy

The leader of the Polish transport market, FlixBus, announced that next year will introduce a new proposal called FlixCar, which will offer carpooling services. Jochen Engert, the founder of FlixMobility, said that in this way the company will be able to accelerate the development and offer the opportunity to travel to even more people.

According to Michał Leman, Managing Director of FlixBus in Poland, the company's development plans for this year primarily consist in increasing the offer by approx. 50%. by increasing the frequency of calls, joining existing cities and regions in Poland, and doubling the number of partners.

I am curious how a company with a similar operating model will manage the challenges posed by the bus industry in Poland. From the regulatory and operational point of view, it is definitely a much more difficult piece of bread than the sharing of cars or even the airline industry. We are counting on cooperation in the field of improving regulation on the transport market. We have become a European leader in just five years. We operate in 29 countries, offering 350,000 calls a day to 2 thousand. places. We are not afraid for our position in Poland - Michał Leman expresses his opinion.

BlaBlaCar launches BlaBlaBus in Poland. For a change, FlixBus is about to start FlixCar


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