Apple Pay jumps PayPala and looks at him in advance

Apple Pay

On the occasion of presenting the financial condition of Apple Tim Cook, perhaps the bottom of his chest when he discussed Apple Pay results. According to the head of the giant from Cupertino their biggest competition - PayPal was to be far behind.

Presentation of quarterly results of Apple was a good opportunity to talk with investors about specific products and services. In this also about the prospects of the Apple Pay payment system.

Apple's digital wallet absolutely has no reason to complain. On the contrary. Now, almost one billion transactions are carried out with this method every month. It is more than twice as much as in the comparable period a year ago.

Apple Pay leaves PayPala behind

In June Apple Pay came to another 17 countries. Thus, this payment method is already available in 47 countries. We will pay Apple Payem all over the European Union. Such progress has caused - according to the head of Apple - that in the last quarter Apple Pay overtook Paypal . In terms of adding new users and the number of monthly transactions.

Internal expansion is also important

In the US, Apple Pay is accepted by around 65 percent. all retailers. It is possible that in a moment this percentage will be even greater. The integration of Apple Pay into the public transport system in Portland has come to an end. Later this year, similar actions will be launched regarding public transport in New York and Chicago, as well as several other cities.

According to experts, the advantage of Apple Paya over Paypal would result from the fact that Apple's payments are a much newer solution. Thanks to this, it can be more compatible with other systems. One can not underestimate the fact that Apple has much more funds for development and marketing than PayPala.

"Leave your wallet at home"

Apple Pay, as it can, is also trying to grow beyond the United States. For example, in China, a special payment card was made available - for use by Didi's customers - the world's largest telephone service provider.

Recall that recently we heard that the Apple Card , with the possibility of assigning it to Apple Pay, will debut in a moment - in the first half of August. This is the result of Apple's cooperation with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. Unfortunately, it is in vain to look for information when Apple Card comes to Poland. But certainly in the end and we will wait.

Integration is the main driving force behind the wider adoption of the digital portfolio and we intend to keep up this trend to help users leave their wallet at home - says Tim Cook .

Apple Pay has jumped PayPala and looks at him in advance


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