And yet, pion! Today s Doodle with the movie shows that Google understands which year we have

Today's Google Doodle on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon contains interesting videos prepared vertically. And I respect it.

Today's Google Doodle commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, thanks to which man set foot on the moon for the first time in history. Doodle contains an interesting animation showing the course of the mission. I found her browsing the internet on my smartphone, but something made me laugh so that the same video could be included on the computer.

I was not disappointed by the feeling: Google created only one version of the movie: vertical. In 2019, vertical video should not surprise anyone. The aging meme called "Vertical Video Syndrome" is getting more and more surprised.

Vertical video in 2019 makes the most sense, which I will try to prove in three points.

First of all, the internet is not a cinema.

YouTube Premium in Poland

One of the main arguments of opponents of vertical video is that "real movies" are recorded horizontally. This is how the field of view of a human is arranged. Has any movie made in vertical format been made? Are the TVs vertical? They may be , but this is a margin.

There can only be one answer to this complaint: the internet is not a cinema, not even a television. A movie film recorded vertically makes no sense, but private recordings make the most sense. If I record my daughter's fun with a smartphone, I usually do it vertically. Why? Because this video will be watched not in the cinema, not even on the TV, just on the smartphone.

Second, if the internet is a smartphone.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition # 1tbchallenge

Not everyone understands the fact that in 2019 we most often browse the internet on a smartphone. Yes, I know you can use the Internet only on your computer, but looking more broadly, globally, the internet is a smartphone. In developing countries people often do not have access to a computer, but smartphones are the order of the day. In developed countries, including Poland, smartphones also dominate, although to a lesser extent.

Spider's Web statistics clearly show that the homepage is a mobile site. This entry 3/4 readers read on your smartphone, and so on the vertical screen. And this is only due to the fact that it is published on Friday. This indicator would be around 85% over the weekend. for smartphone.

Thirdly, if your smartphone is a pawn.

Already in 2017, research was carried out on the validity of vertical video on the Internet . Statistics show that by 94 percent. time we use the smartphone while holding it vertically. The remaining 6 percent it's games and longer videos for which it pays to turn your smartphone. For short films, the audience just does not want to do it, even the fact that the video will be viewed in a window on the screen slice.

In addition, in 2019, social media is a division. Instagram is flooded with vertical photos in a 5: 4 ratio, because this arrangement provides the largest area of ​​the image on the screen. In addition, we have the growing strength of Instagram Stories and relationships in other applications, recorded vertically. And nobody complains about it. Bah! Complaints appear on horizontal materials in Stories, because they force the viewer to turn his head to the side. Head, not a smartphone, because no one turns the phone for a few seconds of material.

To sum up: today's internet is mostly consumed on smartphones. We keep our smartphones vertically all the time. Does anyone else wonder that online movies are starting to be prepared vertically? I am surprised that it happens so late!

And yet, pion! Today's Doodle with the movie shows that Google understands that we have a year


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