An Apple Card is already in August. The trademark was also registered in Poland

The latest iOS update sets the foundation for the Apple Card , which is expected to be released in the first half of August. But for now, this solution is only available in the United States. In Poland, they make us taste again.

Although the reservation in Poland of the Apple Card trademark warmed the imagination of some people to redness, it is, however, a bit cool emotions. Because in fact, at least officially nothing has changed since March , when Apple announced that the hand with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard start cooperation, the effect of which is to be a payment card. With the ability to assign it to Apple Pay .

And despite the fact that the latest announcements indicate that Apple plastic will be seen soon - in the first half of August, it is in vain to seek confirmation that such a solution would also be available in Poland too quickly. At the beginning AC will only be in the United States. Later probably in Canada.

Registering a trademark in other countries (including Poland) may reveal Apple's plans. But at this moment it is difficult to even speculate about the date of implementation of this product in Poland. What remains is what we are already well trained in: wait.

Plastic important for both

Apple Card for Apple is nothing more than a continuation of the previously taken direction. It's about getting even more revenue from iPhone users and even more than ever before being dependent on the growing network of services. In turn, Goldman Sachs in this way puts one of the first steps to also have proposals for ordinary consumers, and not only be associated with the finances of Wall Street.

We are excited about delivering a product that we think customers will love, " read Goldman Sachs .

Currently, Apple Card is being tested by Apple employees who previously reported to Goldman Sachs with regard to the functionality of the new card.

Apple Card and on your smartphone and in your hand

The Apple Card will be assigned to the Wallet application. And although the product was designed so that the greatest effect came when using Apple Pay, there will also be a physical version of the card with an apple in the background, which is supposed to have a raw, white look. And it can be used by sellers who do not accept Apple Pay payments.

The solutions to be offered include a unique spending tracking system and a cash reward system. Using the Apple Card will also allow for the return of 1 percent. of the value of purchases made with a physical Apple Card; 2 percent in the case of Apple Pay transactions and 3 percent. if we buy an Apple product or service in this way.

An Apple Card is already in August. The trademark was also registered in Poland


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