AliExpress continues to celebrate its own Prime Time and adds a new $ 5 / € 4.5 coupon. We tell you how to get it and access all its offers

Most likely, you already know that AliExpress is celebrating its own Prime Time. A new price festival that began on July 15 and will be active until this coming July 18 . In it, the sales platform aims to compete with Amazon's famous Prime Day , offering endless products on offer, as well as various discount coupons.

And now, AliExpress has added a new coupon discount of 4.5 euros, about $ 5 dollars , which you can use in any type of purchase that exceeds at least 45 euros, ie, 50 US dollars. To get it you will only have to access this link .

How to access these offers and coupons?

To access the exclusive AliExpress Prime Time portal you can do it from this link . There you will find the main offers, several vendor coupons and the new $ 5 / € 4.5 coupon mentioned above.

Do not miss the best smartphones and gadgets from Xiaomi and other brands that you'll find at Amazon's Prime Day 2019 .

Likewise, below we leave the main categories that will benefit from this new promotional event and where you can find endless articles at the best price of the network, either with international shipping or even from Spain, maintaining a delivery period of 2-3 and the confidence of a 2-year warranty :

🇪🇸 Exclusive for Spain
📱 Mobiles and Accessories
📸 electronics
🏡 Home and Garden
🏋♀ Sport
👕 Fashion Home and Women
👶 Children and Health

Gearbest also joins the offers

Like Amazon and AliExpress, the famous online sales platform Gearbest has wanted to make its own event with great offers . From this link you can access the exclusive website, as well as through the following links that we add the most attractive discounts on the main Xiaomi smartphones:

📲 Xiaomi Mi 9T 6 / 64GB
💶 Price: € 258.66
🏷 Coupon: MI9T64BLUE
📌 Purchase link

📲 Xiaomi Mi 9T 6 / 128GB
💶 Price: € 271.19
🏷 Coupon: MI9T128BLACK
📌 Purchase link

📲 Redmi Note 7 3 / 32GB Black
💶 Price: € 121 | $ 135
🏷 Coupon: GBN7332BLACK
📌 Purchase link

📲 Redmi Note 7 4 / 64GB Black
💶 Price: € 146 | $ 163
🏷 Coupon: GBN7464BLACK
📌 Purchase link

📲 Redmi Note 7 4 / 64GB Blue
💶 Price: € 146 | $ 163
🏷 Coupon: GBN7464BLUE
📌 Purchase link

📲 Redmi Note 7 4 / 128GB
💶 Price: € 163 | $ 182
🏷 Coupon: GBNOTE7128
📌 Purchase link

The AliExpress ticket continues to celebrate its own Prime Time and adds a new $ 5 / € 4.5 coupon. We tell you how to get it and access to all their offers was first published in Web news and news Xiaomi in general, we are Xiaomi .


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