After the goodbye of Donovan Sung, Xiaomi also loses its biggest person in charge of POCOPHONE: Is the success achieved over the years deflated? Goodbye to POCOPHONE F2?

Yesterday, the charismatic Donovan Sung announced on Twitter his departure from Xiaomi in order to embark on a new career in the Google Pay team in Singapore . Sad news that undoubtedly reminds us that probably the success of the Chinese company beyond the borders of the Asian country, was largely due to this young global spokesman and also Director of Product Management.

This is joined by the march of Jai Mani , head of the subsidiary of Xiaomi, POCOPHONE. In particular, Jai Mani, who until now held the position of Product Manager of POCOPHONE and Xiaomi India, has not made any official statement through the media or social networks. Even so, if we access his Twitter profile we can see how in his biography he shows us that now his way will focus on health technology , adding also being the Ex-PM of POCOPHONE Global and XiaomiIndia.

Recall, that just like Donovan Sung was a key player in the expansion of Xiaomi internationally, the Ex Product Manger of POCO Jai Mani has been for the great success that the POCOPHONE F1 has achieved and that without a doubt one day for another, made this curious high-performance smartphone at low cost was recognized worldwide.

Is Xiaomi's success deflated? Goodbye to POCOPHONE F2?

Undoubtedly, in recent months Xiaomi has received nothing but bad news. Not only because of the controversy created in relation to their latest smartphones that have certain features that should not have been implemented in full 2019, but to a greater extent because of its large drop in the stock market . And it is that if we remember, on July 9, Xiaomi celebrated its first year on the stock market, 12 long months where shares have only fallen to today in which the value of the company has been reduced to practically half .

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In addition to this, not only Xiaomi but in general most of the Chinese companies are suffering a current trade war against the US . A fact that we could see in the Huawei case and its blocking by Google, or the constant threats by President Trump in relation to the Asian country.

To this is added the goodbye of two great managers as they have been Donovan Sung and Jai Mani. And is that, although officially both have not left officially because of the poor results of the Asian company, if it is likely that in part and especially Donovan Sung, not only has gone by their greater professional growth. With this we mean that in a certain way, Donovan Sun could have taken this decision away from a company with "an uncertain future" and thus achieve a much more stable future as it is to be in an American company away from the controversial Trump .

For its part, the departure of Jai Mani makes us think, as several rumors already point out, that the POCOPHONE F2 is already totally dead . And, to date Xiaomi has been renewing their smartphone at a rate of a new generation per year, something that certainly does not look like happening this August with a new POCOPHONE.

What is clear is that these last few months are not the best for Xiaomi, an Asian company that sees other major competitors continue to grow at a dizzying pace , even reaching European countries like Realme , Oppo and Vivo .

The entrance After the goodbye of Donovan Sung, Xiaomi also loses to its greater person in charge of POCOPHONE: Is the success achieved these years deflate? Goodbye to POCOPHONE F2? It was first published in Web news and news Xiaomi in general, we are Xiaomi .


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