A week with the electric scooter Fiat F500-F80. How much can you squeeze from this equipment?

The Fiat F500-F80 is the first officially available electric scooter in Poland signed with the Fiat logo. Apparently somehow refers to Fiat 500, but somehow I did not notice. For this it rides very nicely on it.

When last week I got Fiat scooter for testing, I thought I would eat 2-3 times on it so that I would know what to write about it and that's it. During its use, however, I discovered that riding an electric scooter is pretty cool. I ride on it more often than I thought, which certainly will turn out to be good for readers interested in buying this model. I know exactly what to complain about and what to boast about.

Fiat F500-F80 construction

Scooter-Fiat F500-F80-3

After opening the box, the only thing you need to do with the scooter is to tighten the handles to the rest of the structure and check the battery charge level. Then you can drive. It is a pity that this model does not regulate the height of the steering wheel. I am not a super high man, but even with my modest 175 cm during the first rides I had the impression that the steering wheel is a bit too low, which translates directly to driving stability. After a week I was able to get used to it, but I suspect that someone higher by 5-10 cm may have quite a problem.

Scooter-Fiat F500-F80-15

Another thing is a bit strange combination (although it's Italian production ...) 8-inch wheels with casted tires with a shock absorber on the front. Ie. I know why this is so - poured tires are much more durable than pumped, and the front shock absorber is designed for any driving comfort and protection of the folding mechanism of the steering bow. Only that it is so hard (shock absorber, not headband) that you do not feel any cushioning when driving. But without a shock absorber it would be even worse, so there is nothing to complain about. In addition, most of the sections that I beat with an electric scooter have a fairly good surface.

Scooter-Fiat F500-F80-11

In addition, the manufacturer claims that thanks to the simple folding mechanism of the steering wheel, the F80 is a super-mobile device. It is, if the folded scooter can be put in the car boot. Wearing 11 kg under the armpit is not such a super-mobile, but probably not in electric vehicles. The scooter, after being folded for it, fits quite well with the owner in public transport, so ok - in this respect it can be said that it is quite mobile.

Fiat F500-F80 driving

Scooter-Fiat F500-F80-1

I have already written that despite the shock absorber on the front it rides very hard on it. But peacefully - the only surface that can irritate a man is a bauma cube and uneven, old pavements, which are fortunately less and less in Warsaw. So if you drive on asphalt bike roads, the lack of more depreciation does not bother you. When it comes to speed, the manufacturer says that the F80 maximally accelerates to 25 km / h, which coincides with my measurements.

In my opinion, this is the optimal speed for such a construction. On the one hand, it allows for very efficient travel around the city, and on the other hand it is not yet some cosmic 40 km / h, when it would be dangerous for other users to move along bicycle routes.

Scooter-Fiat F500-F80-8

Recently, Tymon in his braking test of the scooters complained about the poor performance of electric brakes mounted in scooters. The F80 just brakes in the same way, but ... I do not know if I want to complain about it. Yes, Fiat scooter can not stay in place. Yes, it is not possible to lock the rear wheel while braking. But during normal, recreational driving, I never thought that the F80 brakes poorly.

As for the range, the maximum declared by the manufacturer is 20 km. Me, with a mass of 85 kg, I manage to defeat 17 km without charging, but the last several hundred meters dividing me from home I am already defeating the last, flashing line of batteries. Someone heavier (maximum allowed user weight is 100 kg) must be reckoned with shortened range. However, this is not a big problem. Even counting very cautiously - the F500-F80 will pass some 15 km without loading. On site (eg at work), just connect it for charging for 3 hours and you can return on the full battery again.


Scooter-Fiat F500-F80-4

I liked this model of electric scooter very much. Its biggest downside is the steering wheel's low steering position. No disc brake and poor cushioning are features that a person is able to get used to. Anyway - as I wrote earlier - the electric brake built into this model works well enough.

The maximum speed that this scooter develops is optimal for moving around the city, so as not to jeopardize other road users. The design of the scooter itself seems to be solid, but we all know that less than two weeks is too short a time to be able to speak honestly on this issue. For now, however, nothing has started to creak, nothing has loosened or broken, so for now I have no reason to complain.

It is a pity that no manufacturer adds any factory protection that would allow to safely park scooters, e.g. in front of the store / work. Then these kinds of vehicles would make even more sense. Nevertheless, it's very cool to ride them. Fiat F500-F80 model at the official Polish distributor costs PLN 1599.

A week with the electric scooter Fiat F500-F80. How much can you squeeze from this equipment?


  1. What company manufactures the bike is it fiat or is it a different company


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