4 reasons why if you buy the new Xiaomi Mi A3

Yesterday, Xiaomi announced its new generation equipped with Android One . A new device called Xiaomi Mi A3 that although this time has come alone, its features and especially its screen, have created a stir in the networks forecasting an uncertain future.

And, the screen of this new device has suffered a "small" involution compared to the previous generation, going from an FHD + resolution with the Xiaomi Mi A2, to an HD + that we find in this new Xiaomi Mi A3.

Similarly, from Xiaomi we believe that this new device goes far beyond its screen , because if we break down its features completely, there is a great balance that compensates this low resolution. Therefore, below we are going to give you 4 main reasons why you should buy this new Xiaomi Mi A3 and that will definitely make you think that the new Android One of the Chinese firm is a quite complete smartphone .

Snapdragon 665, a processor more capable than you think

The Snapdragon 665 , a new processor introduced last April with the Snapdragon 730 and 730G, was announced as a clear renewal of the Qualcomm 660 series.

Xiaomi Mi A3, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

In particular, the biggest difference between these two processors is found in their manufacturing process. For its part, the Snapdragon 660 has a manufacturing process of 14nm, while the Snapdragon 665 comes with a process of 11nm , making it a much more efficient option .

In addition, if we refer to the graphics processing unit (GPU), between both processors we find a big jump. This is mainly due to the fact that the Snapdragon 660 has an Adreno 512 GPU, while the Snapdragon 665 integrates a powerful Adreno 610 GPU . Undoubtedly, a great jump in terms of performance is concerned, which will bring us a better performance in video games.

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Another of the important changes that we can find in the Snapdragon 665 is a greater resemblance of Artificial Intelligence . And is that this new processor has been designed in the great leap that has given this technology and not only present in the digital processing of photographs but also in the management of processes depending on the use of the user to your own device.

Even so, in the last few days several articles have appeared on the network "demonstrating" that the Snapdragon 665 performs less than the 660, something that although a priori was demonstrated by some benchmark platforms, Xiaomi manifested itself about it days later. Specifically, one of its CEOs indicated that the performance tests had been performed on a test unit , so the score obtained did not correspond to the final result on the smartphone that has been released for sale.

A battery of up to 4,030mAh

Another of the great changes that this generation has given us is found in its battery. And is that if the previous Xiaomi Mi A2 had a capacity of 3,010mAh, this new Mi A3 reaches a spectacular 4,030mAh .

Xiaomi Mi A3, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

Undoubtedly, a new expansion that together with the improvement of consumption of the Snapdragon 665, its fast charge of 18W and the screen with HD + resolution, will make this terminal a key for all those who seek a very good autonomy that probably exceeds the day of duration even with enough battery percentage.

Triple camera with 48MP sensor

Another factor that should influence when deciding whether to buy this new mobile device is your camera, not only the back but also the selfie. And is that new Xiaomi Mi A3 could be considered one of the best phones for photography within the mid-range , including this time a wide-angle sensor.

Xiaomi Mi A3, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

Specifically, this new device has a 48MP main camera with a pixel size of 0.8μm and an aperture of f / 1.79 . This sensor combines with an 8MP telephoto lens that simultaneously functions as a depth reader. As a novelty, we found a third 2MP wide-angle type sensor, which will allow us to take impressive photographs with an angle of 118º of vision .

Also, if we need a smartphone that has a high-quality selfie camera, the new Mi A3 is among the best mobile devices of the company in this regard, surpassing even the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T. We are talking about a 32MP front sensor with a pixel size of 1.6μm and an aperture of f / 2.0 . All supported by the Xiaomi AI.

A really complete smartphone

The fourth reason, which is probably the most important, is the fact that the Xiaomi Mi A3 has quite complete features that make its negative points are compensated (We talk about negative points on its HD + screen and its absence of NFC connectivity).

Xiaomi Mi A3, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi   News

And, we have to bear in mind that the new Android One has next generation fingerprint reader , infrared IR port, audio jack, UFS 2.1 , USB Type C, Dual SIM with microSD and WiFi support AC. It also has an innovative P2i coating system that guarantees extra anti-splash security.


We will not deny the obvious, the new Xiaomi Mi A3 has taken a step back in certain features that today could be unforgivable for certain users. Likewise, this is a fairly balanced mobile terminal , which before your purchase deserves a small personal analysis to know if it compensates for your negative points, in view of its great advantages.

Do not forget to leave your comment and opinion in the comment box, among all we can probably take out of doubt some Xiaomi Addict who is hesitant to buy or not this new Android One.

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