The real end of Steve Jobs s era at Apple

If we were to symbolically end the era of Steve Jobs in Apple, then it should be done right now. I do not believe in any "close cooperation" between Jony Ive's new company and Apple. That's it - Cook cut off all the tentacles left by Jobse in Apple.

First Scott Forstall, now Iony Ive - the two most important creative partners of Steve Jobs, outside Apple. The first one is the legendary head of the project, which was spinning work on the most important products of the so-called the second era of Jobs, the second is obviously not only the main designer of Apple's era of Jobs, but above all an icon of modern design, a man who had a gigantic impact on many areas of life, not only computers.

Ive designed not only electronic gadgets, which, moreover, changed from boring black boxes into real contemporary works of art. Ive created a lifestyle, wrote a new pop culture, dictated fashion. He was a co-creator of the digital music revolution, and then the smartphone revolution. His works affect the lives of most people in the civilized world. I dare say that without him would not be the power of Apple's competitors - Samsung, and even Huaweia.

Now he is leaving by creating his own LoveFrom design studio . His first customer is to be Apple.

I do not believe that. This is a typical Apple Cook's PR treatment - pretend like nothing changes, and if it's just for better, blah blah.

Ive's departure from Apple began a few years ago when he was "released from his daily duties in the company," and Cook presented it as the perfect working environment for the designer. Today Ive left Apple, and Cook says that "now cooperation with him will be perfect". It will not. During the year, two simply forget about Ivy in Apple, this marriage simply fades. Ive's voice and face will no longer be in inspired video materials promoting Apple's product novelties. The designer will disappear from the list of company managers. More and more often we will hear about it, as I've designed a super-spectacular object for one of the Arabian sheiks.

This is only Apple Cook.

This has just happened. Today, Apple is the Apple Tim Cook - the head of the operation, affectionately called "accountants" by the media. All elements of unbridled creativity, free spirit were removed and replaced by Excel managers (ups, excuses, Numbers), who for the sake of the world will write even the percentage share of ethno-religious minorities on the scene of the next Apple conference.

What is Apple now? Who is the head of the company? Let me return to my text from "Newsweek Poland" from ... 2009 (!), In which I presented the silhouette of Tim Cook:

It is extremely penetrating and it never escapes details. He does not tolerate opposition, although he never explodes in disputable situations, which are rare anyway. He can manage employees so that they have no doubts.

One of his former associates explains the Cook management strategy in the following way: - Ask you 10 questions. If you answer correctly, ask you another 10. If you respond correctly for a year, then he will ask you 9 of them. Answer one wrong, it will start asking you 20.

The working day usually starts at 4.30, answering emails from subordinate managers. He often organizes teleconferences with Apple employees in Asia or Europe. For years, he has also run late Sunday telephone conversations with managers of particular divisions to prepare for Monday's meetings at the office. During them, Cook makes long pauses, the only sound is then the rustle of the next opening of the energy bar.

Tim Cook is not a Steve Jobs type marketer. It is vain to expect flamboyant speeches, he can not kidnap crowds, and it seems that he does not want to. During the presentation, it is concrete and orderly. He never improvises, everything is scheduled for the second.

That's what Apple looked like a decade ago. Let's think how it must look today when Cook has absolutely full power in him.

Is there a place for madness, something unpredictable, unbridled creativity, going beyond the rules and procedures?

The answer is clearly visible in the next Apple product and service premieres. This American company may be in the best financial condition in the past, earn more annually than the gross domestic product of many countries, but it has not long since fascinated with anything new market, world. The next new products are at most correct. Often, they appear as a response to competition, usually at a considerable interval, and although they are usually much more elaborated than the products of market rivals, they no longer cause the effect of wow.

In such circumstances, is Apple a place for someone like Jonathan Ive?

The real end of Steve Jobs's era at Apple


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