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So meaty that you will not feel the difference. Vegan Beyond Burger has a new look

Vegan meat substitutes are conquering the world and this is evidenced not only by the sales results, but also by the stock market, which in recent days has been particularly kind to the heroes of this text - Beyond Meat . I feel something that the stock will go up again, because their best-selling burger just got a new look.

"More meat than ever" - such a sticker can be found on the new Beyond Burger packaging: 100%. a vegetable substitute for a traditional piece of beef, whose demand in the world has grown so fast that the company is not making production . Especially since the vegan alternative became interested in restaurant chains in the United States.

Well, after the changes described below, it will certainly not be easier to keep up with demand.

Beyond Burger - the new version is more meat than ever

What is the difference between the new Beyond Burger and the old one?

Beyond Meat 'cutlets' now look like meat and taste (almost) like meat, but they do not behave like meat when frying. The new version changes it.

In an interview with The Verge CEO Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown introduced the new Beyond Burger store. The biggest change is that - like a piece of real meat - the new burger will be brown during frying, thanks to the combination of coconut oil and cocoa. Apparently this is to increase not only the similarity to the meat burger, but also to the taste of real meat during the so-called. "Marbling".

The second change concerns the composition, in particular the source of protein used in the burger. As in the previous version, one serving of Beyond Burger contains 20 g of protein, but now it is a "complete protein", a set of all nine amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Until now, the main source of protein in Beyond Burger was bean and rice; now chickpeas and mung beans join them.

Apparently, these two changes so drastically change the quality of non-meat, that the boss of Beyond Meat says that "he flinches at the thought that someone is now buying their previous product, the better is the new version."

The model of the previous version of Beyond Burger does not contain soy, so real meat-eating men do not have to worry about the level of their male testosterone (for which soy in this concentration would not affect, but better to blow on cold, true), and people with intolerance to gluten (real or imaginary) you will appreciate that the non-meat burger is devoid of their kryptonite.

Still, the biggest advantage of Beyond Burger is the simple fact: when it was created, no animal suffered, whether it was happily grazing on Elysian fields, or simply being kept in a cage.

Beyond Burger - the new version is more meat than ever

We will also try Beyond Burger in Poland.

The growing number of restaurants on the Vistula River introduces Beyond Burgers into its offer. Recently, among others to the Krowarzywa chain or the House of Seitan Tri-City restaurant. It is relatively easy to go and find out for yourself the taste of the vegetable meat substitute, and the new version of Beyond Burger should soon appear in these establishments.

Convince yourself is definitely worth it, because Beyond Burger, just like Impossible Burger , are great replacements for traditional beef. The first one is even better than the other one. The new recipe should make the taste of Beyond Burger appealed even to the most demanding carnivores, of which - I am more than sure - most people today would not be able to distinguish the real from the unreal burger if served them side by side. The products are so good.

I'm just beginning to wonder if the European Union's governors are right to call for a change in the language we describe for these meatless alternatives. From the perspective of a person describing this market, it is simply annoying, well, how to call Beyond Burger?

  • Artificial meat? Artificial meat scientists try to grow in laboratories , Beyond Meat is 100% real plant products.
  • Non-meat? Under this codename, a sausage can also be hidden.
  • Vegan meat? Just as shapely as a bird-flightless bird.

From the consumer's perspective, it can also become cumbersome, because with such a fast growing demand, we can soon wait for a specific situation at the counter in the store:

- Good morning, please, beef burger

- Meat or not meat?

I have the impression that at this stage it would be good to come up with some coherent terminology, to make it easier for everyone to talk about how we can slowly wave goodbye to real meat. We do not need it anymore.

So meaty that you will not feel the difference. Vegan Beyond Burger has a new look

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