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It will be charged Firefox. Will you pay a subscription for a web browser?

The developers of Firefox are considering introducing a new, paid version of the browser. Sounds absurd? Let's sit down calmly and think about it. The Mozilla proposal sounds like a fair deal.

Only once in my life I bought a web browser. I am too young to remember the times when paid programs for browsing the web were quite a bit. However, I am old enough to remember the times when the technically incredibly innovative Opera browser left the competition far behind. Her free version displayed an advertising banner under the title bar - you could get rid of it for a small fee.

Since then, no significant development studio has offered its clients a paid internet browser. Shifted to other forms of earning - for example, for promoting the search engine in the interface. Today, however, Mozilla is considering a return to old times. And although they want money from me, I like it very much.

Free Firefox and paid version. Additional features for a subscription

Chris Beard, president of Mozilla, admitted in an interview with T3N that he has been considering introducing a subscription plan for Firefox for some time. The free version of the browser would, of course, keep its full potential, offering us - according to Mozilla - the safest, most convenient and fastest way to browse the Internet. So what would a paid version offer?

These would be additional services from Mozilla, for which you still have to pay for other companies. Among the ideas was a larger data package for viewing content via VPN or additional cloud storage for data. Subscription, if Mozilla's plans do not change, he would be made available to those interested in this fall.

I always trusted Mozilla , so now I would trust

Mozilla is one of the most deserved and honest companies in the entire IT world. It is her efforts that we owe to overcome the terrible monopoly of Internet Explorer. This company has also repeatedly stood up for the privacy of all Internet users, basically never compromising their trust.

If I was a regular user of Firefox - unfortunately for Mozilla, I'm not - I would be happy to pay the subscription. The smaller the influence of Google's money (for promoting its search engine) will have on Mozilla, the better it is for users of its products. Especially that just in case of this company I would be absolutely sure that they are in good hands. So to the team of people who have been watching the openness and independence of the Web for decades.

It will be charged Firefox. Will you pay a subscription for a web browser?

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