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I have no idea how the CDP RED wants to achieve it. The Witcher 3 is officially on the Nintendo Switch!

The most unrealistic, amazing rumors have been confirmed in reality. The Witcher 3 is going to the Nintendo Switch as a full version with all add-ons. The game looks ... well, how it looks.

Rumors about the game The Witcher 3 aiming at the Nintendo Switch have been going on for a good year. The portable version of the Polish hit unexpectedly appeared as a pre-release offer of online stores, but disappeared equally quickly. Many people thought that the sellers were coming out ahead, confusing The Witcher with Gwint, who is much more suited to the portable profile of the Asian console.

The rumors turned out to be true. Somehow the Witcher 3 really is going to the Nintendo Switch .


Nintendo showed the game during E3 2019 . Obviously, the version for the handheld looks much, much, much worse than the PC version. Character models, details of the surroundings, sharpness of the image, textures resolution, objects visible on the screen, range of view - basically every possible graphic element has been subjected to compromise treatment, so that the game will work on the Nintendo Switch.

Compromise, in turn, does not have the same content. The Witcher 3 for the Switch will have all the extensions and DLC that have been issued so far. Of course, this also applies to the great additions of the Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine.

I have gigantic concerns about how the Witcher 3 will work on the Nintendo Switch .

Already Assassin's Creed III runs very, very heavily on the Nintendo portable console . The Witcher 3 has a larger world and more complex systems of relationships. I'm aiming that keeping a stable 30 frames during the game is the peak of dreams that you can realistically count on. Resolution? 720p on the big screen and an even lower value on the tablet display. I will be honestly surprised if the parameters prove to be better.

Of course, much depends on the studios responsible for the port. However, even experienced teams such as Panic Button and Polish QLOC are not able to perform a miracle over natural technological limitations. The Switch has its limits, which can not be jumped even in the hands of the most clever developers. You can write that I'm whining. However, I had to deal with too many unsuccessful ports for this platform to feel only excitement due to the portable The Witcher.

I am missing excitement for another reason ... Switch is not a console you buy for large, multiplatform AAA productions such as The Witcher 3 or GTA V. The Nintendo platform should be used for other games that do not have to compete with the productions on PC , PS4 or XONE. Of course, The Witcher 3 on the Switch is a very interesting news. However, I can not find an argument for saying that Geralt's adventures can be played in a shaky train, instead of comfortably in the living room, with better graphics and more frames per second.

The mass of games gains on the additional value of mobility, but the Witcher 3 is not such a production. It's not a 5-minute title that you fire on your way to school.

I respect CDP RED and Nintendo for this, because they simply show how The Witcher looks on the Switch.

During the short trailer, we can see the game running directly on the portable console. The Japanese do not powder anything with the Poles. They do not embellish anything. They do not mask anything. Witcher 3 for Switch looks like it looks. Nobody pretends to be beautiful. Either you take it or you go on.

Well, I'm taking it. In the end, it's The Witcher.

I have no idea how the CDP RED wants to achieve it. The Witcher 3 is officially on the Nintendo Switch!

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