End of the world canceled - Trump deleted Huaweia from the black list. The Chinese are coming back to the game

In Osaka, the G20 summit continues, during which Donald Trump spoke with Xi Jinping - the leader of China. After the meeting, Trump said he agreed to further cooperation of US companies with Huawe. The Chinese giant returns to the game.

"I agreed that I would let (US companies) continue to sell these products," said Trump, when asked about the restriction on Huawei. He added that US companies were "not entirely satisfied" with the ban on selling to a Chinese company, according to Business Insider .

Huawei returns to the game


It was a stormy week. First, there was a message that Trump had blacklisted Huawei , and a moment later more big companies from the United States began to stop working with Huawe.

The future of Huaweia smartphones, computers and - most importantly - the future of Chinese cellular infrastructure, including the 5G network in the United States and Europe, was under a huge question mark.

Trump announced that he had changed his mind. It's a good news. American (and not only) companies are likely to return quickly to cooperation with the Chinese. Huawei is a big customer and its loss was painful for American companies. Huawei also has a lot to offer Americans and the rest of the world, so its disappearance would be felt by both consumers and many companies from different continents.

For Spider's Web readers, perhaps the most important thing is that Huawei smartphones live and will continue to live. Although it is difficult to guarantee that after the last Trump's decision absolutely everything will return to its tracks in the technological world.

The President of the United States has shown that he is unpredictable and acts very impulsively. Probably the giants will be afraid that the American-Chinese scuffles will come back again someday, so they will try to protect themselves from the catastrophe that subsequent blockades may cause.

It is possible that they will withdraw production from China in small steps. And they will look for another place in Asia where cheap and unhindered electronics can be produced.

It was said that the competition did not cry for a long time after Huaweiu. Apple supposedly increased the production of iPhones, and enthusiastic Samsung gave up the introduction of a new smartphone line, which was supposed to be a response to the Chinese market pushing the market. Now you will have to unscrew it somehow.

The Chinese of Huaweia also have to take a number of actions. First of all, they have to convince old contractors that it is worth coming back to cooperation. Secondly, they have to decide what to do next with Hongmeng OS - an operating system that was supposed to replace Android and which was supposed to see the light a day later this year.

End of the world canceled - Trump deleted Huaweia from the black list. The Chinese are coming back to the game


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