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DJI did her first battle robot. It will help children to learn coding

He moves autonomously thanks to cameras, he has intelligent armor, and in combat mode determines the trajectory of missiles through infrared beams. Fortunately, it will not bring destruction to mankind. DJI RoboMaster S1 is just an educational toy.

DJI has announced the launch of a new product for several days. Many people have speculated that we will see an FPV drone designed for crazy races and the most extreme evolution. We still have to wait for such a product, because this time the Chinese manufacturer created an educational toy in the form of a combat robot. DJI RoboMaster S1 , because of it, is meant to make children's feelings of coding.

DJI RoboMaster S1 promises to be great fun for the little ones.

dji robomaster s1

RoboMasters is a series of events taking place in China, organized by DJI. These are robot games in which small constructions fight for life and death . Such robots fights attract more and more people and more and more sponsors, and thus - bigger budgets for the organization of competitions and prizes. In the last edition of the stream finale was watched by 6 million people, and the winning team received the equivalent of 200 thousand. PLN rewards.

dji robomaster s1

On the basis of popularity of this form of entertainment, a new consumer DJI product was created, namely the RoboMaster S1 robot. It is a real wonder of engineering using several solutions known from drone.

The robot moves on four unusual wheels, consisting of 12 rollers. This design allows you to drive in any direction without having to turn the wheels. The robot can go forward in an instant to instantly dodge quickly, moving sideways. These unusual movements are clearly seen on the film created by DJI.


On the platform with wheels there is a turret set on a biaxial gimbal. It is here that the FPV camera, the gel missile launcher and the control system are located. City housing connector for attaching accessories that extend the capabilities of the robot. There are currently 46 such components available.

The robot is equipped with intelligent armor, which consists of six panels. Robots aim bullets precisely at these colorful panels. If the missile hits the target, the system recognizes the hit and the panel turns red. At the same time, the main panel on the turret shows how much "live" the robot still has.

However, it is not only a toy, but also programming.

dji robomaster s1

The main idea behind DJI RoboMaster S1 is learning. The robot is to teach children programming. To control the functions of the robot, we use the RoboMaster App, in which we can program functions using a visual block-based editor based on Scratch 3.0, or using text code in Python.

dji robomaster s1

The robot also has the AI ​​technology sewn in. Thanks to 21 sensors on the housing, the device can recognize the surroundings, sounds, people, other S1 robots, as well as gestures and markers that can call pre-programmed functions. According to the first reviews, the whole works very smoothly and efficiently. The DJI robot reacts to the surroundings and to changing conditions without any visible lags.

The whole was priced at $ 499. DJI RoboMaster S1 at first glance looks like a great, even dream toy, which additionally has a strong educational value.

DJI did her first battle robot. It will help children to learn coding

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