Credit Agricole has built a new website from the beginning. With a nod to blind and visually impaired customers

Credit Agricole has previously invited several thousand of its clients to pilot testing its new CA24 eBank internet service. Their opinions were so positive that now Credit Agricole offers all individual and business customers a new electronic banking .

The tests were conducted so that customers could report their comments and questions to the bank on a regular basis.

Every attention was valuable to us and we analyzed each one. Many of them translated into concrete changes in the system. For us, this is proof of customer engagement. They also enjoyed positive feedback because in the pilot the service was poorer than the currently available version. I believe that she will also respond to clients' needs - says Michał Bończysty, manager of the Internet Banking Development Team at the Credit Agricole bank.

Suggestions and hints were a lot. So much so that the bank decided to build its website from scratch, thanks to which it is now supplemented with new solutions.

The finance manager will show what we spend the most on.

Credit Agricole insists that the client has the greatest possible control over his finances. Therefore, the new service does not lack such solutions as card management (eg changing the PIN code, unlocking the card, ordering a new one), but the real breakthrough is to be a finance manager. This categorizes expenses and simply presents what we spend the most money on.

It is not only an instrument to analyze your own finances, which is offered to its customers by Credit Agricole. The screen of the balance of resources and liabilities will also be helpful. It shows in one place funds available on current accounts, savings and investments as well as liabilities on credit cards and loans. It is also easier to save with the new service. You can set up a Profitable Duet, open the Systematic Savings Program and withdraw funds from it.

Credit Agricole focuses primarily on safety.

The priority for Credit Agricole when building a new CA24 eBank website was the security of data and customer funds. It was decided to increase the security of logging in, as well as the introduction of the so-called security image. Such a solution is an additional security and a kind of password, thanks to which the client can at the time of logging in to ensure that he uses the proper transaction service. The selected graphic appears each time you log in to the site.

Considered about blind and visually impaired customers.

Credit Agricole made sure that the new service would not cause any problems to the blind and visually impaired. It was equipped with the so-called a contrast version that facilitates reading the content to visually impaired people. Blind customers can use screen reader programs and operate the system based on the names of buttons, labels and other screen content read by external software. The new service, which Credit Agricole has carried out in cooperation with Savangard, will ultimately replace the existing e-bank. For now, you can use both solutions.

Credit Agricole has built a new website from the beginning. With a nod to blind and visually impaired customers


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