Cici Wei compares the amazing selfie camera of the Xiaomi CC9 in front of the iPhone Xs

During today, Xiaomi announced that its new range called Xiaomi CC not only have a smartphone, but actually would be a total of three new devices that would inaugurate this new generation specialized in mobile photography.

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Specifically, one of them, the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition as well as being the variant with better features, includes an advanced photographic system based on Meitu technology achieving a spectacular beauty mode that also guarantees clear photographs in low light environments .

A new mode called Meitu Beauty For Selfie that would work something like the Super Night Scene mode in combination with the famous Meitu Beauty Mode and the artificial intelligence system of Xiaomi , achieving well-defined frontal photographs although we are in an environment of total darkness .

Meitu Beauty For Selfie. Xiaomi   News

Spectacular result of the Meitu Beauty For Selfie.

In addition, just a few minutes ago, Cici Wei , current CEO of the new Xiaomi CC range, has posted a new video on the Weibo social network where we can see a comparison of the front camera of the iPhone Xs compared to the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition . As we can appreciate, CiCi Wei takes the picture completely in the dark, turning off the light of the room where it is located just before making the shot.

No doubt the results are amazing, and that is that, where the iPhone Xs makes a totally poor picture in colors and brightness , the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition makes a frontal portrait with spectacular clarity , providing a great definition of the face has still been made with hardly any light.

If you doubt, Xiaomi and Meitu have focused fully on optimizing their beauty and artificial intelligence systems in order to finally make a smartphone that really makes high-quality selfies , which could even be better than those made with the rear camera.

Source | Weibo

The entrance Cici Wei compares the amazing camera selfie of the Xiaomi CC9 in front of the iPhone Xs was first published in Web news and news Xiaomi in general, we are Xiaomi .


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