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Browser created especially for players. Only Opera could have done it

Opera launches a browser for gamers in the world. Opera GX is sound-proof, it can be personalized and has easy access to Twitch. And, you can control how much RAM and how much processor it devours .

The first history for browser players, like the stories of many other outstanding ideas, begins with the words: well, we were sitting on beer and .... This time, however, the hangover came and went, alcohol evaporated, and the idea remained. Browser for players sounds like an idea at least bizarre, but Maciek Kocemba, the responsible product manager of the Opera , argues that it is not as absurd as it seems at first glance.

The end of disabling the browser before game or stream.

The most important feature that distinguishes Opera GX from the competition is the GX console. It is in her that there is a key change in the very approach to the functioning of the Opera. Thanks to it, players will be able to easily expire part of the cards, limiting the use of RAM and processor through the browser.

The console is available in the side panel, and its operation should not pose any difficulties. The user simply needs to indicate how many gigabytes the processor can use and what percentage of the processor's resources. Observe the limits will be by first blanking those cards that have been used for a long time or are consuming a lot of resources.

In normal conditions, Opera GX will strive to maintain itself within the limits imposed on it, though not at the user's convenience. The browser will leave active tabs that we currently use, even if it means exceeding the limits. The creators want to prevent sudden disconnection of the stream playing, the movie from Youtube or music. However, it is also possible to approach the matter more rigorously. Turning on the Hard limit option will ensure that above the upper limit of GB we have set, we will not leave, even if it means killing the background or stream music.

In the case of the processor, it is impossible to choose which core the browser should use, but its creators reveal that the addition of this option is planned. However, it is not known how close or far away.

Integration of the browser with Twitch , news about games and promotions.

These are the most important practical changes that are to appear in the GX Opera, but what would be a product for players if they did not boast of bajerami, which are just as unnecessary as just cool.

Few things scream so loudly, I'm for players, like integration with Twitch. In the sidebar next to Mesenger or WhatsApp there will also be a window of this site. After logging in to it, we will be able to look at the watched channels, check who is logged in, and set up notifications straight to the browser, whenever someone we watch will start the stream live. It may be one of those functions that we did not even know we needed, but once it appears, it will be difficult for us to return to reality without it.

GX Corner was also among the goodies. This is a clippage of games related to the opera. There is a promotion aggregator in it, a set of interesting new products and the best news from the industry. All of this can of course be personalized.

Opera GX offers something for the eye and ... ear.

I admit that I am from those people who, if they only have the opportunity, spend the first hour of the game modifying the character they are supposed to play. If it can be mixed up in colors and shapes, I will do it. Opera knows that I am not alone in its weakness, so it adds bajer, which can and is unnecessary, but makes the browser not only that looks insanely, it still perfectly suits our tastes. In GX you can choose not only the wallpaper, but also the color of all browser details. The new Opera has also been integrated with Razer Chroma and, if we only want to, we can make the lights on our equipment match the color scheme of the browser.

And because we have a little more senses than just sight, Opera added to her browser ... sound effects. You can of course turn them off, but I do not hide that in my opinion, the sound of the browser is bajer, which I bought. Another small pebble that makes GX will have a completely different personality than the competition and stand out from the increasingly similar products.

Does this have a chance for success? I have no idea, but I hope so.

There are more and more players in the world. A large part of them like to optimize and personalize almost every element of their equipment. Often they are also quite aware of what is happening with their computer, what and how much eats the processor or memory. Will Opera manage to take their heart? I do not know. Everything will depend on how effectively the browser will manage on the computers of its first customers and how it will implement new solutions. I will certainly give her a chance.

Opera assures that the official premiere of the browser will take place this year, and for now invites you to test the version for Windows in Early Access.

Browser created especially for players. Only Opera could have done it

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