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Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker

The Oukitel WP33 Pro is not just a rugged phone; it has the loudest digital loudspeaker ever. It comes with a 136dB loud speaker, ensuring your audio experience is as immersive as your visual journey. The device is powered by MTK Dimensity 6100+, 24GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage, 22000mAh battery, and 33W fast charging. Surprisingly … The post Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Get the new Xiaomi Mi 9T for just € 287 / $ 326 thanks to this great Gearbest discount

Without a doubt, Xiaomi Mi 9T has become one of the best options for practically any user. And, this new mobile device is classified within the medium-high range, offering a great performance for virtually any daily task or even games , a great photographic quality and a battery that will make your autonomy exceed the entire day . You can read all its features here . All this, together with its innovative retractable system, make its spectacular screen reach one of the largest frontal uses that currently exist in the market, thus achieving an ideal smartphone for multimedia content : series, movies, YouTube, etc. The best of all is that Gearbest , one of the most recognized and reliable online stores in the network, allows us to buy this magnificent smartphone at a price without equal. In addition, Gearbest guarantees a great peace of mind because with each purchase it gives us two years warranty on Xiaomi products of this type. Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi 9T at the best pri

This is the new hair clipper that Xiaomi has put on sale and that guarantees up to 3 months of use with a simple charge of 1 hour

Under the Enchen brand, Xiaomi has launched a new hair clipper that is known for its low noise, its ease of use and its powerful battery that guarantees up to 3 months of normal use with a load of just 30 minutes. . Enchen Boost has measures of 164mmx43mm , weighs 142 grams and has an ergonomic design that is easy to use. On its surface we find a large button to operate it, two LED status indicators and a USB Type C port on the bottom. Its use is designed for the home, since it has a great ease of use even for those who have no notions of haircut. In addition, its blades are manufactured in nano-ceramic thus achieving its lower friction and hardness compared to stainless steel of only 55dB (A conventional cutter reaches even 70dB). Its two-speed motor ensures a constant cut and great power even with the most rebellious and thick hair . It also has a turbo mode going from 4,500rpm in normal use to 5,800rpm . As we can see in the following gif, its motor is so pow

Lu Weibing confirms that Redmi does not have plans for a "Max" model either. A sad and definitive goodbye to the Mi Max range

A few weeks ago we received the news from Xiaomi that currently, and at least during this 2019, they did not have any kind of plan in the fact of developing a new generation of the Mi Max and Note range . A sad news that days later would receive a false hope as now it has been known, by interpreting that it could be Redmi who would continue this range of smartphones. And it has been Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi and also CEO of Redmi, who has confirmed through Weibo that currently there are no plans to create a model "Max" under the independent brand Redmi by Xiaomi. Specifically, the manager responded to a user of the Chinese social network that asked if we would really see a Max model under the Redmi brand, mentioning that currently there are no plans in the creation of a large model Max . In addition, Lu Weibing added that the Max product line is now complete. Publication carried out on Weibo by Lu Weibing. Undoubtedly, a very bad news especially for the

Xiaomi confirms the three variants of its new range Xiaomi CC that will also arrive with new accessories

To date and officially we just knew that the new Xiaomi CC range would be released with two variants: a standard version called Xiaomi CC9 , along with a special variant that has been called Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition and which will integrate as a novelty Meitu's beauty modes as well as all his artificial intelligence dedicated to photography. Join our Telegram group regarding the Xiaomi CC range and do not miss all its novelty: @XiaomiCC And is that now, through a new image published by the company on Weibo, confirms the rumored Xiaomi CC9e , a new device presented as the most compact alternative of this curious range. Specifically, Xiaomi has published the Chinese social network the same image that we can see on the cover of this article. On the one hand and from left to right we can see the box of the Xiaomi CC9 , in the center the one of the variant CC9 Meitu Custom Edition and to the right the Xiaomi CC9e . In addition, this new range will be released along

"We are a pioneer in the world". Blockchain from Alior is a step in the right direction

- According to our knowledge, no Polish bank has yet implemented a solution based on a public blockchain, and globally we are one of the first financial entities - says Tomasz Sienicki from Alior Bank. The Polish bank showed the giants how to use technology that the whole world is thinking about. Blockchain is something much bigger than cryptocurrencies. Alior Bank publishes documents with the help of Ethereum, which gives customers the assurance that they have not been manipulated. A transparent communication method is the fulfillment of the requirements set by the regulators with respect to the permanent carrier. It is from this subject that I started my conversation with the experts of Alior Bank. Karol Kopańko, Spider's Web: A sustainable medium is one of the "hottest topics" of the banking sector. Why is it so important? Magdalena Łagożna, manager of processes and implementations, Alior Bank: A durable medium for electronic documents gives

Photo of the day: this is the tangled Galaxy Swirl

The Swirl Galaxy, also known as Messier 51 and NGC 5194/5195, is actually a pair of galaxies that affect and distort themselves through gravitational mutual attraction. This peculiar artistic installation is located about 23 million light-years from the Earth in the constellation of Hunting Dogs. It looks like this: Now let's look at the photo that was made available by the NASA research center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory . In fact, a few photos, but one by one. Swirl Galaxy in four scenes The extreme left panel (A) shows NGC 5194/5195 in visible light. We would see a similar image looking at tangled galaxies through a powerful telescope. Photo (A) comes from a 2.1-meter telescope placed at the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Spiral arms are entwined with dark threads of dust and penetrating here and there with the light emitted by those less bright stars inside the arms or a little behind them. The second panel from the left (B), also made in Kitt Peak, i

Credit Agricole has built a new website from the beginning. With a nod to blind and visually impaired customers

Credit Agricole has previously invited several thousand of its clients to pilot testing its new CA24 eBank internet service. Their opinions were so positive that now Credit Agricole offers all individual and business customers a new electronic banking . The tests were conducted so that customers could report their comments and questions to the bank on a regular basis. Every attention was valuable to us and we analyzed each one. Many of them translated into concrete changes in the system. For us, this is proof of customer engagement. They also enjoyed positive feedback because in the pilot the service was poorer than the currently available version. I believe that she will also respond to clients' needs - says Michał Bończysty, manager of the Internet Banking Development Team at the Credit Agricole bank. Suggestions and hints were a lot. So much so that the bank decided to build its website from scratch, thanks to which it is now supplemented with new solutio

Modifying the sky of our photographs with the Xiaomi CC9 will be a very easy task. A new smartphone that will also feature Game Turbo 2.0 and new Mimojis

Without leaving the daily routine give us new details about your next Xiaomi CC9 , the Chinese company has made several publications on the Weibo social network showing us the incredible photographs made by the rear camera of this new smartphone, as well as other details of their functionalities Join our Telegram group regarding the Xiaomi CC range and do not miss all its novelty: @XiaomiCC Specifically, Lei Jun as well as CiCi Wei, Founder of Xiaomi and CEO of Xiaomi CC respectively, have published several photographs where we can see the great quality that will feature the 48-megapixel SONY camera of this new Xiaomi CC9. As we can see in the following images, the artificial intelligence of Xiaomi , as well as the various intelligent modes of Meitu do a great job. And, this technology makes unlike other smartphones the shots have a greater definition and above all a lot more vivid colors , making their pictures much more attractive. In addition, the Xiaomi CC range

The real end of Steve Jobs s era at Apple

If we were to symbolically end the era of Steve Jobs in Apple, then it should be done right now. I do not believe in any "close cooperation" between Jony Ive's new company and Apple. That's it - Cook cut off all the tentacles left by Jobse in Apple. First Scott Forstall, now Iony Ive - the two most important creative partners of Steve Jobs, outside Apple. The first one is the legendary head of the project, which was spinning work on the most important products of the so-called the second era of Jobs, the second is obviously not only the main designer of Apple's era of Jobs, but above all an icon of modern design, a man who had a gigantic impact on many areas of life, not only computers. Ive designed not only electronic gadgets, which, moreover, changed from boring black boxes into real contemporary works of art. Ive created a lifestyle, wrote a new pop culture, dictated fashion. He was a co-creator of the digital music revolution, and then t

End of the world canceled - Trump deleted Huaweia from the black list. The Chinese are coming back to the game

In Osaka, the G20 summit continues, during which Donald Trump spoke with Xi Jinping - the leader of China. After the meeting, Trump said he agreed to further cooperation of US companies with Huawe. The Chinese giant returns to the game. "I agreed that I would let (US companies) continue to sell these products," said Trump, when asked about the restriction on Huawei. He added that US companies were "not entirely satisfied" with the ban on selling to a Chinese company, according to Business Insider . Huawei returns to the game It was a stormy week. First, there was a message that Trump had blacklisted Huawei , and a moment later more big companies from the United States began to stop working with Huawe. The future of Huaweia smartphones, computers and - most importantly - the future of Chinese cellular infrastructure, including the 5G network in the United States and Europe, was under a huge questio

Cici Wei compares the amazing selfie camera of the Xiaomi CC9 in front of the iPhone Xs

During today, Xiaomi announced that its new range called Xiaomi CC not only have a smartphone, but actually would be a total of three new devices that would inaugurate this new generation specialized in mobile photography. Join our Telegram group regarding the Xiaomi CC range and do not miss all its novelty: @XiaomiCC Specifically, one of them, the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition as well as being the variant with better features, includes an advanced photographic system based on Meitu technology achieving a spectacular beauty mode that also guarantees clear photographs in low light environments . A new mode called Meitu Beauty For Selfie that would work something like the Super Night Scene mode in combination with the famous Meitu Beauty Mode and the artificial intelligence system of Xiaomi , achieving well-defined frontal photographs although we are in an environment of total darkness . Spectacular result of the Meitu Beauty For Selfie. In addition, just a few minu

Is it worth paying PLN 2,500 for one loudspeaker? Sonos Play: 5 - review

"Studio quality" - this is how Sonos praises its largest speaker, the Sonos Play: 5 model. I had a month to confront this statement with reality. After I tested a couple of the smallest Sonos One speakers, it was time for the biggest beast in the herd. If someone is interested in how the Sonos ecosystem works and why it is worth investing in it, I refer to the previous text . Here, however, we will focus only on the Play speaker: 5, because there is something to tell about. Sonos Play: 5 suits every modern interior My apartment is rather a cross between the office, warehouse and utility room, and yet Sonos Play: 5 suited it as well as the beautiful, Scandinavian interiors in the spirit of hygge. The construction is of a minimalist allusion. The loudspeaker can be purchased in black and graphite or white and graphite: both variants look equally good, but to tell the truth, if I had to choose, I would bet on black. However, the white-gray variant doe

Xiaomi and Redmi set a new record: more than 23 million smartphones sold in India

It is clear that Xiaomi's main market no longer only focuses on China, in addition to that, the company has very good sales results in India. And now, according to the CEO of Xiaomi India, has reached the chilling figure of 23.6 million smartphones sold in this Asian country. As specified by Manu Jumar Jain , CEO of Xiaomi in India, the results achieved through the Redmi A range are amazingly amazing. Specifically, Manu tells us that among the Redmi 4A, 5A and 6A have reached a total of 23.6 million units sold , a figure that exceeds the number of inhabitants in Australia. In addition, the CEO made special mention of the data provided by the IDC entity, where they reflect that Xiaomi has become the best-selling brand for this first quarter of the year in India. If we remember, currently the Chinese company has a 30.6% market share , thus reaching a total of 9.8 million sales . #BelieveMiOrNot ! Total no. of #Redmi 4A, 5A & 6A phones sold in India = 23.6M units (till A