YouTube Premium and YouTube Music officially in Poland!

We had to wait four years for the premiere of this service in Poland, but in the end it is! YouTube Premium and YouTube Music officially go to our country. Here's all you need to know about them.

Paid YouTube made its debut in the US in 2015, then under the name YouTube RED . In exchange for a fixed monthly fee, viewers receive the following benefits:

  • total lack of ads on the site and all YouTube applications,
  • the ability to download movies and watch them offline on a mobile device,
  • video playback in the background and with the screen turned off in the YouTube mobile app,
  • access to the full resources of the YouTube Music service, including mainly music videos,
  • access to a paid Google Play Music plan,
  • access to new "YouTube Originals" videos created by the most-known Youtubers in collaboration with producers of TV movies and series.

We waited four years for YouTube Premium to be launched in our country. Now that this has happened, you have to answer a few questions.

YouTube Premium in Poland

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music - how much does it cost?

Subscription to YouTube is PLN 23.99 / month. In exchange for this money, we get all the above-mentioned benefits, access to the new YouTube Music service and a subscription to Google Play Music.

YouTube Music subscription costs PLN 19.99 a month. The new music service is also available for free, but in the version with advertisements, without downloading songs and without playing in the background.

YouTube Premium - prices in Poland

Family packages are also available, for PLN 35.99 for YouTube Premium and PLN 29.99 for YouTube Music.

For the first two weeks after the start of the service in Poland, which means more or less until the end of May, you will be able to run new test services for 3 months. Only after this period will we decide if we want to pay a subscription.

YouTube Music in Poland

How does YouTube Music work?

We have devoted a separate article to the music service. I refer to those interested in the article, which is at this link .

How does YouTube Premium work in Poland ?

Thanks to the courtesy of the Polish branch of Google, I have the opportunity to test the new version of the site for a week.

Visually, it changes little in it. The most noticeable is the change of the logotype - instead of the usual YouTube icon, the word "Premium PL" now appears.

YouTube Premium in Poland

The menu also has a new option, on the mobile device just below the top bar, and in the browser just below the tabs Main / On Time / Subscriptions - it's Originals, or original productions, available only in the paid version of YouTube.

YouTube Premium in Poland

Until then only Originals in English are available there (eg Cobra Kai or The Sideman Show), but it is possible that Polish-language productions will also appear quickly - we do not know that yet.

YouTube Premium in Poland

The last aesthetic and functional change is waiting in the "library" tab in the application on mobile devices. There is a "downloaded" section there, where we can find downloaded video for offline viewing.

YouTube Premium in Poland

If we have not added any clips to download, YouTube will recommend videos that are worth downloading. However ... I do not know on what basis these recommendations are selected, because instead of suggesting for example videos from the playlist to watch, YouTube suggests random clips based on our viewing history.

YouTube Premium in Poland

As a result, for the 20 recommended films, I would potentially be interested in only one. This mechanism needs improvement.

YouTube Premium in Poland

The maximum resolution of the downloaded video is 720p. We can also choose whether we'll allow the app to download videos over a mobile network and whether we allow it to play videos in the background.

YouTube Premium in Poland

And for that matter, playing back in the background was the main reason why I waited for the start of YouTube Premium in Poland. Until now, you could not lock the screen while watching or listening to the video on YouTube, which the service explained as protection against piracy - on YouTube there are full of unauthorized "wrzutek" with music; if you could listen to it in the background, nobody would pay for streaming.

YouTube Premium in Poland

After paying the subscription, however, we can continue playing, even on the locked screen. Personally, I use it the most when watching video podcasts. Much more often for the last week, however, I used the Picture-in-Picture function, which appears with the payment of a subscription on Android smartphones from 8.0 and higher.

YouTube Premium in Poland

Now, when I have to quickly reply to a message while watching a video, I do not have to stop watching the movie anymore, but I can do it while watching the clip in the "floating" window. Very useful.

For many people, the elimination of ads will be even more important. Although I do not know how much the idea of ​​the advertising removal fee will work in a country that excels in the rankings of piracy and who so much adore the Adblock of all sorts ...

Anyway, the paid version of YouTube is devoid of ads, both those displayed on banners on the site, as well as those broadcast before the movies.

YouTube Premium in Poland

This means that the only form of advertising that creators can present to their recipients is the native advertising (in other words: product placement) inside the video.

This change has caused a lot of controversy in the United States - after launching YouTube Premium, creators must sign new regulations, under which they either agree to start earning less from advertising, or ... their content will no longer be visible to YT Premium subscribers.

In Poland, however, the earnings from advertisements broadcast on YouTube are so funny that I do not think that any creator has hurt the new rules.

YouTube Premium in Poland

Is it worth paying for YouTube Premium?

I admit, I do not know yet. Although before the premiere of the service in Poland I was ready to throw money in the direction of the monitor, so now I am in doubt.

If someone wants to use music services, then definitely - it's worth paying extra PLN 4 / month to enjoy YouTube without ads and with some additional features. However, if we use another streaming service, YouTube Premium is a hard nut to crack. Especially in Poland, where - as I mentioned - we like AdBlocks so much.

Fortunately for the start we get three months of testing for free. Everyone can run new services and check if it's worth paying for them.

The application will be available to all users tomorrow, on May 15, 2019.

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music officially in Poland!


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