You could infect the phone by calling the victim WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just patched a hole through which you could install malware on victims' phones by calling them.

Do not you receive calls from unknown numbers? It does not matter, the tracking software has been installed even if no one has pressed the green handset.

The problem with WhatsApp was detected at the beginning of May.

The WhatsApp team learned about the vulnerability in the voice chat system at the beginning of May. The repair took 10 days. On Monday, we managed to release an update that patches the security hole. The company swears that using the application is safe again, you only need to update it to the latest version.

Attackers, using vulnerabilities, could, by calling their victim through WhatsApp, infect her phone with spyware. The company calms down, ensuring that the attacks are not easy to carry out and therefore the list of victims is short. NGOs who were targeted by attackers and representatives of relevant US agencies were immediately informed of the danger.

Main suspect: NSO Group .

From a conversation with Financial Times , who first reported on the case, we will not find out who is responsible for the attacks. WhatsApp does not want to give names, but gives quite clear points about who the main suspect is. There is talk of a private company working with governments of different countries, which creates spyware for smartphones. The eyes of everyone are wandering towards the NSO Group. The Israeli company has previously been accused of creating tools that are used to spy on human rights defenders and journalists.

Other premises also indicate that it is worth looking in this direction. According to security experts, the program is similar to the company's earlier works. In addition, as reported by the New York Times , one of the attacks was aimed at a lawyer involved in a lawsuit against the NSO Group. The suit concerned the company's supply of hacking tools for activists.

The company itself, of course, rejects these allegations. As she writes in the statement, her software is directed only at government agencies that use them in the fight against terrorism and as an aid to investigations.

If for some reason you did not want to update WhatsApp, now the time has come to break.

You could infect the phone by calling the victim WhatsApp


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