You can now see how much faster PlayStation 5 from PlayStation 4 will be

When we announced the first details about PlayStation 5 a few weeks ago, we pointed to the landmark role of the SSD. Storage media will be one of the main reasons why games will accelerate dramatically. Now you can see how much.

During the presentation behind the closed door Sony showed the selected media, how much faster will PlayStation 5 from PlayStation 4. The game modified for the purpose of the show was a very successful Spider-Man from PS4. Architects of the new console used the full details, the open environment of New York, presenting the advantages of high-quality SSD and increased computing power.

The second instead of 8 seconds - so much loading the game on PlayStation 5 .

In the below, most likely recorded material without the consent of Sony, you can see a direct statement of the program launched on PS4 and PS5. The difference in loading time is gigantic. New York on PlayStation 5 was generated almost 10 times faster. This is largely the advantage of the top SSD drive, which is to be the gold standard for new generation consoles.

A faster storage medium also means that data will be captured faster in the background than ever before. This is perfectly visible on the example of a camera running through virtual New York. The program on the PS4 was freezing every few seconds, having to read more avenues, blocks and skyscrapers of the Big Apple. On the prototype PS5 this problem does not exist at all. The viewer flies through the giant agglomeration like a fighter, and the game does not slow down for a moment.

PlayStation 5 will be a really powerful machine.

The main components of the new Sony console will again be answered by AMD. The PS5 will feature a CPU based on the third-generation AMD Ryzen chip, with eight cores in the new 7nm Zen architecture. The heart of the graphics system of the console will be the GPU Radeon Navi variant with the support of ray tracing technology. Ray tracing maps real-time light travel in space, allowing you to create more beautiful, more realistic scenes in video games.

An interesting addition of the AMD system is to be a separate chip dedicated exclusively to sound. Thanks to the 3D Audio PS5 system, it will move forward in an area that has been heavily neglected before. Between the premieres of PS3 and PS4 consoles, no sound evolution took place on the Sony platform. This time it will be different. Digital surround sound is to delight, while the console itself will give a substantial part of the computing power to the audio area.

Backward compatibility will be the basis of the PS5 , which will help in the console startup.

Re-using AMD will make PlayStation 5 run games with PlayStation 4 without any problems. It's possible that the best current generation - God of War, Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn - will get special performance updates. Thanks to them, Sony's flagship games will run on PS5 in native 4K format, while maintaining 60 frames per second. The games in virtual reality will be backwards compatible, and PSVR will connect to PS5 without any problem.

The new Sony console will also be strongly focused on the streaming game service. The Japanese have even signed an agreement with Microsoft , under which the PlayStation network environment will largely use the powerful, popular Azure cloud with its extensive infrastructure. Of course, streaming is just one of the entertainment methods. PS5 is to have a physical drive for the boards. Consequently, classic box-based distribution will still remain one of the options.

You can now see how much faster PlayStation 5 from PlayStation 4 will be


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